Partner Bio

I'm kayPOWXD, queen of 'The Realm of Insani-tea' who has been playing this wonderful game since Alpha! I focus on having an inclusive and safe space to escape, faff about and most importantly goof off. Whilst on the seas I can mostly be found hunting Crates of Rare Tea, as I'm quite the tea lover. We might look adorable in our bright pink sparkly Galleon (and we are, we love giving out freebies and helping friends on the seas!), but don't throw a wobbly if you shoot at us first and we shoot back! I guess I should also warn you not to have your volume on 100% if you stop by, as I'm not known for being quiet. I’m a bit bonkers me! Come grab a brew and listen to my strange British words. I'll make sure you don't regret it, saucy sausage!