As we get ready to weigh anchor for the new Festival of Giving content update, join us in taking a look back at most recent update The Seabound Soul (as we did with the spooktacular Fort of the Damned last month). The Seabound Soul sent players across the sea with the charismatic Sir Arthur Pendragon in an all-new Tall Tale to free trapped spirits, only to expose a shocking revelation at its climax…

Pirates were given an additional way to wage war with the introduction of firebombs, which resulted in many ships engulfed in flames – 1,536,128 vessels in the first two weeks of the update. It wasn’t just ships that were established as flammable, but the players themselves, with over 600,000 pirates being singed by the red-hot explosive. It’s fair to say that the firebomb was a much-appreciated asset, with a whopping 9,084,293 of the incendiaries being hurled.

While this considerably large number tells a story of its own, seafarers spent more than 1147 days in total on fire. Yes, we mean real-world days. To put that into context, players had already been ablaze for more than three full years between the update arriving on November 20th and our stats being grabbed on December 3rd.

However, one individual went above and beyond in their efforts to blaze a trail across the great expanse that is the Sea of Thieves: buccaneer RJGPLATINUM scorched their name into the history books by becoming a human torch, spending a total of two hours and 41 minutes swallowed by fire.

The addition of spreading flames allowed for all manner of culinary chaos, with food now liable to ignite if left unattended, along with the rest of the ship. A massive 526,454 pieces of food were burnt to a crisp, but some players deviously used this to their advantage as enemy ships were stealthily set alight using the least expected tool – their stove.

One player in particular fuelled his own mischievous endeavours by burning over 100 bananas as ‘gifts’ for other players. ShinyBadger6982 took the cake by intentionally becoming our least successful cook of last month’s update. On the other hand, the culinarian xXSeiFeR29Xx managed to pan-fry 696 pieces of food to perfection, probably feeding a famished Galleon crew.

Also in The Seabound Soul update, Stitcher Jim had new Ashen Voyages for brave swashbucklers looking for a challenge, with 1,220,720 being embarked upon. These courageous souls were met with much resistance from Ashen Guardians and Key Masters, but a respectable 1,383,852 of these foes succumbed to sword strikes and cannon fire. Ashen Keys could also be obtained through more peaceful means, as the ability to fish up these elusive commodities saw 14,848 retrieved from the depths.

Despite the conclusion to ‘The Seabound Soul’ Tall Tale, this may not be the last you see of Pendragon. Our very own Senior Designer Andrew Preston explained in a behind-the-scenes feature that this old hero will hopefully get his chance at redemption in a future Tall Tale. In the meantime, look forward to Festival of Giving, where Stitcher Jim will be sending adventurers out in search of stolen gifts scattered across the waves and Ashen Tomes of Power guarded by dastardly Skeleton Lords. Be sure to grab your crew and dive in when our newest free Sea of Thieves content update goes live on December 11th!