As our crew catapults towards the exhilarating event known as E3, our preparations haven't slowed down any of our usual on-deck duties. So, as we do every month, we've gathered in our recently updated tavern to record another episode of our Tales from the Tavern podcast!

This time, host Jon returns to the head of the table opposite an over-indulgent and inebriated Captain Bones and leads the conversation alongside co-host Emma. Together with guests Ted (PC Design Lead), Mike (Design Director) and Joe (Executive Producer), we chat about recent developments on Sea of Thieves for PC, tell stories from our first voyage in our internal Windows 10 Technical Alpha (ahem, crossplay!) and reflect on Phil Spencer's recent visit. We also tackled questions from the community and talked about spas, jellyfish, chickens, sharks and more!

Sea of Thieves Tales from the Tavern - Episode 9

Duration 41:47

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It wouldn't be one of our podcasts if we didn't have a leak or two spring up, but since we wouldn't want to ruin any surprises, we'll just urge you to stay tuned in right through to the very end! Don't miss on a single second by watching the full episode over on YouTube or listening via Soundcloud or iTunes.

We'll be back with more podcast plunder after E3, but you can stay updated on all things Sea of Thieves and connect with us on any of our social channels!