Since the start of the year, there's been plenty to plunder in the Sea of Thieves pipeline! We've revived our Inn-side Story videos to talk about cooperating with a crew and how we factor in your feedback, and we've chatted with Fizzy Foxy, the deadliest pirate from our first Technical Alpha. But most recently, we've kicked off the first of our brand new Developer Gameplay series! If there wasn't enough for you to digest in all those delicious glimpses of gameplay, then turn your attention to our latest episode of our Tales from the Tavern podcast.

This time, we're plunging deeper into the depths of our Technical Alpha with our hosts Jon and Emma. Watch our own Executive Producer Joe, Lead Designer Mike and Xbox's Social Media guru Graeme Boyd (AKA Xbox Live's AceyBongos) talk about our close ties with our community, tell tales of their own adventures at sea and even take you through our very latest updates! Get comfortable, pick your preferred podcast platform (YouTube, Soundcloud or iTunes) and listen closely for all the clues of what's coming up...

Sea of Thieves Tales from the Tavern - Episode 6

Duration 59:44

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