Sea of Thieves Round-Up: March 2022

Adventures continue apace in March, as Season Six brings 'Forts of the Forgotten'!

Spring has sprung, the grass is riz in the fields around Rare HQ and we’re in full swing with a new Season in Sea of Thieves. March saw no end of excitement as we launched Season Six, kicked off our latest Adventure with ‘Forts of the Forgotten’ and celebrated the game’s fourth anniversary! Yes, we did get your card, it’s gone right on the mantelpiece. Now don your flower crown, join us in the meadow and let’s dance merrily as we regale everyone with March’s escapades.

Content Update

As you can imagine, Season Six and the sudden appearance of Flameheart’s Sea Forts provided the largest update this month, with the Season’s arrival bringing with it the usual accoutrements of a spring-scented Plunder Pass, new goodies in the Pirate Emporium and an in-depth set of release notes to dive into. We did notice that the hatches and cranes at the Sea Forts were in need of an oiling after their arrival from the Sea of the Damned, so we followed up with a quick hotfix at the launch of our second time-limited Adventure for good measure.

Speaking of which, we put out the call to Adventure once more this month, with ‘Forts of the Forgotten’ sending players to break the captured denizens of Golden Sands Outpost out of some dank jail cells. Finally, a way to put that mysterious Prison Cell Key to use! If you missed the boat on our previous Adventure ‘Shrouded Islands’, be sure to check out the latest Adventures Ahead primer, which will bring you up to speed on all the latest events in our unfolding seabound saga.

Sea of Thieves Season Six: Official Content Update Video

Duration 4:15

News and Features

With muckrakers spinning sleaze and scandal about what goes on in Flameheart’s Sea Forts, you can count on the diligent reporters of our nautical news desk to jump on the News Sloop and find you the important stories from across the sea.

March saw us celebrating our fourth anniversary – they grow up so fast, don’t they? We marked the occasion with all sorts of fun, ranging from a Gold & Glory Weekend to a commemorative eyepatch and sales in both the Pirate Emporium and our official merch store. There was also a lovely banana cake – we definitely sent you all a slice, it must have gotten lost in the post…

For the bibliophile buccaneer, we officially revealed both the cover art and the title of the upcoming second Sea of Thieves novel, Heart of Fire. While Flameheart may not be floating ominously above the water at the moment, you’ll soon be able to have him lurking in your library and judging your taste in literature.

On International Women’s Day, we published a special article championing the fearless female freebooters that help make our community such a wonderful place – with a piece of commemorative #IWD2022 artwork starring just a few of the inspiring women you’ll meet during your adventures on the Sea of Thieves.

In our spring theatre season, the Community and Creator Stage saw two more guests join us as we chatted to Race of Legends First Mate Kaitzu and the keg queen herself, Octagon Ron. We’re glad to inform you that no pyrotechnics were employed in either performance. And with Easter bonnet time rapidly approaching, another batch of eight Hats of Unfeasibly Glorious Fame were shipped to some of the most creative of corsairs. We’ll be nearing a whole year of hat distribution soon, which means we may have to award ourselves a hat, causing some kind of infinite hat recursion loop.

Right at the end of the month, our new series of behind-the-scenes articles tracking in-game items From Concept to Cosmetic kicked off by digging into the creation of the Snowbound Ship Lantern – better known to many as The Orb. If you enjoyed that, we’re glad to hear it as we have more cosmetic-based explorations in the pipeline.

Okay, places everyone, we hope you’ve all been practising. Let’s take it from Bar 46, ‘Anthem for a Round-Up’. 5, 6, 7 and…

Videos and Streams

VII-DEEEE-OOOOOS. AND STREAMS! Back row, much better this month! The release of a new Season and a new Adventure meant that we were rushed off our feet in the pirate TV studio. Season Six came with its usual combo of announcement trailer and Deep Dive, full of juicy details on the creation of Sea Forts. Fun fact – it’s not a trumpet that you can hear in the Spanish-inspired music for Season Six, it’s a Flumpet! For more jaw-dropping facts, read our Deep Dive write-up on the Deep Dive video.

To tee up the next chapter in our unfolding Adventures narrative, ‘Forts of the Forgotten’ received its own cinematic trailer, alongside a quick gameplay run-through to prepare you for the trials ahead. We really hope we didn’t banish those two guards from the cinematic while completing the Adventure – they seem like alright blokes.

Ahead of our anniversary, a new episode of SoT News set up all the celebratory fun while revealing ‘Forts of the Forgotten’ and recapping our 24-hour GameBlast ’22 stream. If you’re looking for the latest official SoT Podcast to listen to while folding laundry or cooking tea, that managed to make it into March too. Discussion topics included Adventures, Mysteries, bin covers, graffiti art – everything you’d want from a podcast and a packet of crisps.

For those who prefer their entertainment live, avid stream viewing would see you rewarded with some new arsenal additions in March, as Twitch Drops doled out the Twilight Hunter weaponry. We also found a dented flagon, two butter knives and a dog-eared copy of Weaponsmith’s Weekly. Expect those in a giveaway sometime soon.

Legend of the Veil: Official Sea of Thieves Deep Dive

Duration 9:24

Social Channels

Despite the slight disruption caused by Forts being dragged from one realm to the next, our social channels remained a steadfast place for content for the corsair about town. As well as blowing out the candles on our fourth anniversary cake, we offered up a Pancake Day menu, celebrated 100k Instagram followers, asked aesthetically-minded pirates what painting they’d hang in their Sea Fort, bid a bittersweet farewell to The Arena and paid tribute to our favourite head in the sky. Gone, but not Fort-gotten. No? Please yourselves.

You can always rely on our stalwart hashtag triad for a constant flow of intriguing tidbits. #TriviaTuesday was there to provide kernels of knowledge on topics like the Flame of Souls, the Reaper’s Heart pets and captured weaponsmith Wonda. For the fashionistas among you, #SoTGear continued to serve the hottest looks, spotlighting bold items like the Sunshine Parrot set, Azure Ocean Crawler gear and Gilded Phoenix Sails.

For a bright spring month, March’s first #SoTShot contest was rather gloomy as we tasked pirates with sailing through the fog and capturing atmospheric Misty Moments. We cleared the air with the next one, looking for the jolliest Fort Frolics you could frame – a shark steak on every hob in the Homestead room as a minimum. Meanwhile March’s #SundayVibes posts offered good starting points, showing off locations like Royal Crest Fortress, Ancient Gold Fortress and even the spectral echo of a Fort, just before it was wrenched into the land of the living.

We hope you’re enjoying frolicking in a flowery field as April progresses – we’re hard at work here keeping everything ship-shape on our ongoing Adventure cruise. To keep abreast of every development as it happens, you’ll want to be following our social channels. If you need reminding, you can find Sea of Thieves on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch and TikTok, as well as our official Forums and Discord server. We’ll all be capering around a maypole by the time the next round-up arrives, so join us for a Morris dance and to hear us recount April’s happenings as a folk song. Pay no attention to the giant wicker pirate we’ll also be constructing.