Sea of Thieves Round-Up: April 2022

April outings both new and Legendary – the Veil of the Ancients calls!

Harpoons and whaling songs at the ready, hunters: we’re in the throes of a Megalodon hunt in Sea of Thieves! April was packed with excitement, with our week of Pirate Legend-themed celebrations ahead of a new and exclusive Voyage, Legend of the Veil, and the exciting conclusion to our current arc of Adventures – ‘The Shrouded Deep’. See, it’s real! Now lash yourselves to the deck and only fire when you see the whites of its eyes, as we keep everyone’s spirits high by recounting April’s events…

Content Update

Following an early April update which restocked the Pirate Emporium with some bombastic cosmetics, the month’s main update was, of course, the double whammy of our third Adventure ‘The Shrouded Deep’ and a new Legend of the Veil Voyage type launching on the same day for maximum relic-hunting shenanigans. A set of release notes naturally came with this bumper update, then a supplementary hotfix squashed a few snags that slipped through from the Sea of the Damned. Travelling between the realms of the living and the dead is fraught with peril, as you’re no doubt aware.

‘The Shrouded Deep’ sees corsairs team up with Belle and Merrick to hunt that most elusive of Megalodons in the exciting conclusion to this arc of Adventures, and it seems you’ve all been enjoying this one, as we’ve seen no shortage of epic screenshots and clips of your battles with the pale leviathan.

Its three-week runtime means you still just have time to get involved (and grab the rewards) before it ends on May 12th. As always, it came accompanied by an entry in our ongoing Adventures Ahead primer series, recapping all the latest happenings for those who may have missed the last chapter…

The Shrouded Deep: A Sea of Thieves Adventure | Cinematic Trailer

Duration 1:34

News and Features

While lesser pirate rags were plastering front pages with salacious lies about Merrick and Serik’s rocky relationship, our fearless defenders of truth were braving Megalodon-infested waters to bring you the real headlines from the fringes of pirate society.

To celebrate our million Pirate Legends – and to get everyone excited for the release of Legend of the Veil – April saw us holding a week-long celebration of our cohort of Legendary players. From a dedicated Path to Pirate Legend infographic to a climactic Gold & Glory Weekend, it was a smorgasbord of stuff for those who already sport the colours of Athena’s Fortune – and those who aspire to get there!

Speaking of community celebrations, we capped off April with the announcement of our next Community Day. This time we’ll be putting you all in control of the day’s Renown multiplier, so get those tweets queued up! And before you ask, we’re doing all we can to ensure a certain fruit-bearded pirate does not make an appearance, allowing you all to revel in relative peace.

For those lore fiends chomping at the bit for the tiniest morsel about the upcoming Heart of Fire novel, we released a teaser trailer in April – with some snippets from the Pirate Lord himself. And if you want a suitably rousing tune to accompany your reading, the latest official music release ‘Strongholds of the Sea’ contains that gorgeous trumpet rendition of the Sea of Thieves theme from whenever you assail a Sea Fort.

Over on the Community and Creator stage, we raised the curtain on a new addition to our playbill: the Legend Spotlight, celebrating Pirate Legends with fascinating stories to tell! The first two guests to bathe in the purple and green limelight were Hull Lariash, known for his increasingly elaborate climbs to level 100 each Season, and the host of the Cutlass Crusades charity event, SourScar. Production of the Hats of Unfeasibly Glorious Fame also showed no signs of stopping, with another eight making their journey beyond the Devil’s Shroud. Let’s hope they don’t decay in the mist.

We can see that the giant wicker Flameheart head has just been ignited as part of our May festivities, meaning that we must make the time-honoured transition to discussing…

Videos and Streams

All things audiovisual! Someone keep an eye on that Flameheart head in case it starts shouting. With the combination of Legends Week, a new Adventure launch, Season Six’s Community Day announcement and more, our master trailer-makers were hard at work in the editing bay to show the upcoming content in all its glory.

As a special Legends Week bulletin, there was a new episode of SoT News detailing all the fun to come during that seven-day celebration – along with a peek at the Pirate Emporium’s April restock. Then to suitably prepare everyone for the mythical Megalodon battle that was about to unfold in ‘The Shrouded Deep’, we released our usual double feature of a cinematic trailer and gameplay quick look ahead of its launch. We’re still amazed by how that crab seems to be present at all major events on the Sea of Thieves – maybe they’re the one really pulling the strings…

Launched as part of Legends Week, SoT Partner HitboTC’s Path to Legend series chronicled one pirate’s attempt to climb from greenhorn swabbie all the way to Pirate Legend. The weekly series is still ongoing on the Sea of Thieves Twitch channel, and if you were lucky, you may have been able to snag one of April’s Twilight Hunter Twitch Drops while tuning in live. See – almost like we planned it!

Season Six Community Day: Official Sea of Thieves

Duration 1:28

Social Channels

With the Shrouded Ghost prowling about for all to see, you know we were on hand with our best posts to capitalise on sightings of this legendary beast. We not only tried to summon the Megalodon with a special summoning circle but jumped on the Megalodon mania with our #TriviaTuesday hashtag, providing need-to-know info on Merrick’s long-lost ship, The Hungering Deep and what Belle’s been up to. We also lamented the demotion of pigs, played Legends Week Bingo and showed our appreciation for the hunter of the hour, Merrick. And before anyone asks, yes – we know the capstan on the Killer Whale isn’t centered.

Following on from a heaping helping of Fort Frolics, April’s #SoTShot contest saw pirates flitting about and luxuriating in Spring Scenes. We’re happy to say there was liberal use of Season Six’s flower crown earnable by raising Renown and climbing the Season’s levels. Naturally, these peaceful pastoral vistas were shattered by the arrival of the Shrouded Ghost and its kin, with our next contest being all about capturing these sea beasts in their fearsome majesty.

Thankfully, #SundayVibes had already set the tone, showing off locations like the recently resurfaced Killer Whale alongside places like Sandy Shallows and Mercy’s End Fortress. And for the fashion-conscious freebooter, #SoTGear detailed flashy items like the new Legendary Fortune weapons and recently redubbed Nightfall Hunter set.

It’s merry in the month of May, and we hope you’re out enjoying the warmer weather as we start revving up for the next chapter in Sea of Thieves’ gripping nautical odyssey. If you want the most up-to-date pirate info fired directly into your Captain’s quarters, you’ll want to be following our myriad social media channels. For the uninitiated, that’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, as well as our official Forums and Discord server. Summer is fast approaching, so the next round-up will be drawn in the sand at a local beach. If you live near a pebble beach, we’ll just tie the round-up to a rock and throw it through your window.