Thanks to the generosity of the Sea of Thieves community, we are overjoyed to announce that sales of the Sails of Union via the Pirate Emporium raised an amazing $94,610.25 for Stand Up To Cancer – all of which will help fund cutting-edge cancer research.

As with previous charity donation drives, we’re astounded by the kindness and compassion of our community when it comes to helping out their fellow pirates, so all we have to say is thank you!

Stand Up To Cancer is a fundraising campaign that speeds up life-saving cancer research, by taking developments made in the lab and helping accelerate them into new tests and treatments for cancer patients. Stand Up To Cancer currently supports 55 clinical trials and research projects that will help bring new treatments and technologies to people who need it most – from helping transform radiotherapy into a precise anti-cancer weapon, to developing new ways to stop cancer cells spreading through the body.

From everyone here at Rare, thanks once again to everyone who purchased the Sails of Union during their time in the Pirate Emporium – your contributions will go towards helping many more people survive cancer. Learn more about Stand Up To Cancer at, and keep tabs on our social channels for more Pirate Emporium charity partnerships in the future!