November has arrived, and rolling in with it on a chilly autumn wave, the small ship sails into the Technical Alpha. Single and dual crews can now enjoy taking to the Sea of Thieves aboard a more quaint and manageable ship, specifically designed with two to four hands (and hooks) in mind.

In our latest Inn-side Story video, Senior Designer duo Andrew and Shelley Preston introduce the small ship and delve into some of the delicious design decisions that make adventuring with a reduced crew stress-free! So go on, give it a watch – not that you should need much encouragement, word on the sea is that there’s a small ship fan club rapidly forming…

Sea of Thieves Inn-side Story #23: Small Ship

Duration 3:18

Back for more, eh? Well, that’s all we’ve got for now, but you can get your fill of all things Sea of Thieves across our social channels, Forums and right here on this website thing. May your small ship adventures be speedy and peril-free. See you out there, pirates!