The tide's turned a few times since we last let you lot on board to peek at more gameplay featuring our developers! But now that you've likely made your way through all the delicious deep dives captured at E3, we rounded up four of our expert engineers and dangled the promise of plunder in front of them if they complete the quest for four feathers.

Sounds easy, right? Not so much. In this nine-minute adventure, see Lead Engineer James and Software Engineer Topher trek through the island terrain bearing no trace of the fabled feathers whilst Gameplay Programmer Jessica tackles skelly-slashing duties. Meanwhile, Software Architect Ben shows off the skill needed to sail a ship solo and avoids the dangers of sand banks, skelly cannon shots and other ships! Keep an eye out for pun-tastic talk, banana binging and an ambush... in an actual bush!

Official Sea of Thieves Developer Gameplay #4 - "Four Feathers"

Duration 9:13

Now there's a voyage you'd not soon forget! We reckon you’ll join us for more (mis)adventures in the future, but whilst you wait, feel free to join the conversation on any of our social channels!