In our latest Creator Spotlight is the one and only Shillianth, creator of Weekly Stream highlights and recaps, not to mention some brilliant tutorials! We asked her some questions about her Voyages across the seas so far, and what experiences those travels have brought her.

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[Q]: What was your introduction to the world of games?

[A]: I used to play a game called Creatures, where you’d look after these little Norn AI animals. They hatched out of an egg, grow through the life stages, lay their own eggs and then eventually pass away. I cried when my first Norn died!

[Q]: How did you become part of the Sea of Thieves community?

[A]: I wanted to see the entire map in-game and the maps available online required a colour printer. I took some screenshots, put them together in Illustrator and created my own vector, black-and-white printable image that could be resized to any size. I also put together a video of tips for new players for some friends who started playing, realised that I was in love with the game and kept making tutorials for Sea of Thieves.

[Q]: How did creating content become your ‘thing’?

[A]: Years ago I was reading through The Sims 3 forums, and someone was asking for help. People were trying to explain something that came across as being a very complex thing. I put together a video explaining “go here, click that, do this”. They really appreciated it and I’ve continued from there. It’s been my thing I do for the games I’ve played since.

[Q]: How do you decide what kind of content to create?

[A]: I love helping people. I decided that the ethos behind my channel would be quick and to the point, with little to no fluff. I’d rather someone get the information they're after so they can get back to playing. I also love watching the developer Weekly Streams and do a 3-4m weekly recap for people who don’t have the time to watch but want to know what happens.

[Q]: What are some of the challenges you’ve faced while creating content?

[A]: Time zones. I live in Australia, so whenever an update goes live I’m asleep. I’m a mum so I can’t stay up all night playing and getting content ready when I have to get up in the morning to get my daughter ready for school.

[Q]: What different channels do you have?

[A]: As well as my main channel, I’ve got Tams Colouring, although I haven’t uploaded to it in a while. It’s just me, colouring, sometimes ASMR style where you just get the scratching of the pencil, sometimes with calming music. Most of the videos are from the Johanna Basford books, because I love her drawing style.

[Q]: What’s been your most memorable Sea of Thieves moment so far?

[A]: Doing the ‘Art of the Trickster’ Tall Tale with a friend on a Brig. He usually stays on the ship while I go off and do what’s needed. We’d stayed away from spoilers so we had NO clue what we were getting into. I blew myself up the first time at the start of the mission. The trap tunnel scared the heck out of me. My friend couldn’t make it down there, or actually knowing him he probably said he couldn’t and just sat on the ship laughing at me. Then frantically fighting the waves of skeletons down below, while panicking that I’m going to die, calling for my friend to hurry up. Meanwhile my husband, who was sitting next to me, hearing me squeal and carry on my way down the tunnel, logs in and yeets his way down, going full pelt, then turns to me and says “what’s so difficult about that?”.

[Q]: What do you enjoy most about the game now, and what are you looking forward to in future?

[A]: I enjoy the random PVE events that occur. Skeleton Ships spawning on you look amazing, a Meg chasing you or a Kraken spawning, it’s just so much fun! I’d like to see more dangers on the islands like a wild boar that charges at you. I’d also like to see the Merchant Alliance get more love, I love micromanagement in games and I feel like there is an opportunity to do more with them.

[Q]: What’s something you’re particularly proud of accomplishing in gaming?

[A]: This! Being in the Creator Spotlight is a huge accomplishment for me. I’m incredibly honoured to have been chosen when there are so many other great creators out there, and knowing the calibre of creators that have been chosen in the past. I’m happy and very proud to be here.

[Q]: How did you come up with your channel name?

[A]: Creatively named it after my online name. I’ve wanted to write a book for longer than I care to admit and the name is from one of the characters there. Originally it came from doing a random key press and then just adjusting it until I came across a name that could be pronounced.

[Q]: What advice would you give to a new content creator?

[A]: Don’t be afraid to try. Be yourself. Keep at it. Don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to people, the worst that can happen is they don’t reply. If they do, you get an answer and a potential contact or friend.

[Q]: What’s one thing you would advise a content creator not to do?

[A]: Never give up. My goal as a content creator is to help people whether it’s via a tutorial or dev stream recap. The videos may not get as many hits as I’d like them to, but I don’t give up. I do them because I enjoy creating the videos and if it helps one person, then I’m happy. So don’t give up.

[Q]: Could you give us one more random fact about yourself?

[A]: We’ve recently gotten a kitten from a nearby animal shelter, my daughter named it Luna. Cute little white kitten with grey and orange patches all over her. Such a sweet little thing.

That's all for today’s Creator Spotlight. Thank you to Shillianth for letting us look into her life as both a creator and a Sea of Thieves fan! Keep an eye out for her brilliantly concise versions of the Weekly Streams and helpful tutorials.

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