It’s getting close. We’re sailing steadily towards launch with the winds of hype filling our sails. Our days of plundering and pirate adventure draw ever nearer.

Be it hunting for treasure, battling with skeletal pirate captains or… capturing chickens, there’s plenty to keep you busy out on the Sea of Thieves. But what about the characters you’ll meet? Our most recent Behind the Scenes video touches on the characters you’ll bump into and what they’re there to do.

Tune in as Design Director Mike Chapman and Software Engineer Topher Winward discuss how we’ve been working to bring a sprinkle of personality and charm to those who inhabit the islands dotted around the sea.

Sea of Thieves Behind the Scenes: NPC and Dialogue System

Duration 3:59

We hope you’re looking forward to getting acquainted with twinkly tavern keepers and moody merchants on your travels. They’ll be all too happy to empty your pockets of gold in exchange for their wares…

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