Looing for crew mates. PVP. Goal: Reaching level 100 in Servants of the Flame

  • I have 740 hours in the game. Im Guardins of Fortune level 120. Level 62 in Servants of the Flame
    I'm looking to join a new crew of any size. I normally solo. I can manage every part of the ship well, but im not good with boarding/close fight.

    My highest win streak is 6
    I rarely use mic.

    My timezone is UTC +1, Central European Time
    My username/Gamertag on everything is "ChristianTNT751"

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  • @muteattic Hey dude, add me if you want, I am 137 guardians and 52 servants I think, I wanna reach 100 with the servants to access the area. I am comfortable with anything, but I do enjoy boarding and the close fight. If interested, we could play sometimes to get closer to our goal :)

    On normal adventures, we usually do reapers ( Currently focused on fotd )

  • @zig-zag-ltu
    Hi, ive added you..:)
    If im online and you have time for some PVP..just let me know

  • Hey, I dunno if you already got the curse, but I am currently grinding for it and a few crewmates would help a lot. I'd even grind for the golden bones or the verdant bones.

    I rarely use mic as well.

    As I said, I don't know if you're still doing PVP, but I'll add you just in case.

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