Game bug

  • I did half of the last bi-weekly mission/tall-tale, where once I was done speaking with Bell, I (either logged out/ or canceled the mission and then logged out, I can't remember), thinking I would have a saved checkpoint.

    Now, every time I open the game and log in and spawn in the tavern, Laurena shouts out to me "Hey, come over here, I have a message from Bell."
    But when I go up to her, and press "R" she does NOT have a message from Bell. It would seem I have the checkpoint in some sort of "purgatory" since you guys have ended that 2-week (I think they run for 2 weeks) mission thing, but I have it half way completed.

    Also, when I go to any out post, Laurena shouts this to me once, only once, each time I am near her.

    If she has a message from Bell for me, why can't I get it from her?

  • @admiralcorporal

    It has nothing to do with you not finishing the Adventure. Everyone has it.

  • So is it a bug?

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