Cristmas event

  • i have a good idea i want to share whenb cristmas comes everyone can do difrent tasks for free cristmas reawards and u should put snow in the game and if ur under the snop with ur ship u get a litle bit faster but there can randomly spawn a cristmas present with some resourses like wood and food or even canonballs and u should put in a cristmas ball that slows down the enemy and u should make some islands get abit of ice around the so if u want u could slide on the ice with skees

  • communityjust for fungeneralevents
  • @julianninja10 have you ever been here on christmas? We get discounts for emporium items and we get a guilded voyage...

  • All hail the return of the Snowbound Ship Lantern! 🙋‍♂️

  • @schwammlgott oh i didnt know im kinda new but ye acully im not new at all im pirat legend

communityjust for fungeneralevents
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