Broken Emissary Flag

  • How come you’re not able to reattach your own emissary flag if you were sunken by a random event, where you were able to get it back? In essence, since it shows the emissary flag as “yours” it should have the option to reattach. Either by the flag box in the crows nest or flag empty flag post at the back of the ship.

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  • What would stop a player from doing the following:

    1). Get to Grade 5
    2). Crash ship into an island
    3). Let it sink
    4). Put all the loot and broken flag onto the beach of said island
    5). Take mermaid and get fresh ship
    6). Head back to said island and collect loot and broken flag
    7). Continue voyaging/events/whatever while under the radar and immune to G5 Reaper powers
    8). Re-attach Emissary flag when it's time to sell

  • Maybe because you are “One emissary who let their company down”?

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