Idea for next event

  • Recently, a friend and I thought of a new event, which would give the community some hype. The event would be of mythological origin. Mixing Greek mythology with the sea of ​​thieves. The event would add new enemies and a new sea boss who could be Charybdis the monster that ravages the sea in Greek mythology.
    Enemies could range from echidna to mother of all monsters, which could be like the mermaid queen, could also have small enemies as sea nymphs and the telkhines. Charybdis would have a fixed spawn location, as being a colossal monster,
    there would be no risk of appearing to players who would be playing outnumbered and to defeat her, he would literally have to be swallowed and defeat her from the inside out. The event could be called Sea of ​​thieves: the sea of ​​monsters or instead of Sea of ​​thieves could be changed to Sea of ​​monsters.
    The way to enter the sea of ​​monsters would be similar to entering the sea of ​​the screwed, through a portal or something and because it is a sea of ​​monsters it would be natural to appear sea monsters such as the kraken, Megalodon, scylla, hydra.

  • feedback
  • the portals will probably be used more as in the pirate life to travel to new locations it would be cool to go somewhere kill some monsters.

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