Let your flag fly!

  • https://img4.hostingpics.net/pics/681619flag2.png

    This one is really simple but that's mine :P French Corsairs fleet :D

  • http://makesweet.com/f/e/2/0/e2066697-494c-4cb7-8ba8-3bb49ae7f2aa.gif


  • It's beautiful flag

  • @KattTruewalker great flag!

  • This is the flag of the White Flag Corps.

    The white shows that we are not out to attack, we come in peace. The skull and crossbones means that we are still pirates at heart, out for treasure and glory. The shield shows that we will protect those in need and rescue the innocent.


  • @NunoAzuldimeter I really love this one!

  • Here's my Jolly Roger:


    I really enjoy wind and smoke imagery, and the design is meant to evoke this idea of being swift on the wind, and the tendency to vanish into smoke and fog. The laughing eye was born from a doodle years ago and stuck around, and I think it's fitting, since I'm in it for the fun as much as for the glory.

  • https://gyazo.com/eb9282cc8d0f9ed76a721477d010f8b0

    I call her "The Ragged Maw"

  • @xDILLIGAFx19740_1497940241924_upload-e12aa221-2a65-43a0-ad38-4e876628f496

  • 0_1497942679458_shanks_flag_by_eaglink-d8kn4ce.png
    I want my flag like shanks from one piece :D.

  • I made this:
    Made with paint and poor quality (a bit blurred on purpose). I like this flag and i tryed to add the most inportant this to me (grog, bombs and pistol). Maybe is a bit saturated and looks off to the left but if i knew how to do it better i definetly try to improve it.

  • @thexboxrox Here are some famous pirate flags

    More famous Jolly Rogers

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  • @KattTruewalker Thanks Katt, unfortunately my URL for the first two seems to be too long.

    Hey, while I have your attention, how do you get your xbox avatar as your profile pic? I have a similar avatar, but I can't make it my profile pic.

  • @Kueblaikhan That'd be something you could change from Xbox using the app or on the console itself, you can choose whether to display your avatar or gamerpic and it should update on the forums automatically after a while.

    Edit: I managed to post the first of your images, you had to click the image so it zoomed in a little and then you could copy the image address :)

  • http://imgur.com/BDIm6qQ.gifv

    Below is my first attempt. I like it still, but no as much as the above.


  • @soulless-dclxvi Wow! Those came out pretty good!

  • @ionei-falcon said in Let your flag fly!:

    @soulless-dclxvi Wow! Those came out pretty good!

    Thanks, though they were simply the result of me faffin' about in Google Image Search and MSPaint.

  • @soulless-dclxvi Looks Like someone is being edgy with the seal of lucifer xD

    anyway appart from that, heres mine

    alt text

  • http://imgur.com/UFZQNMM

  • @elaterug4840285

    Love that!

  • @katttruewalker thanks :)

  • @xdilligafx1974 Hey !! Great thread! Had to search to find it :P

    Here's mine: Armada do Infante

    The idea behind it is:
    1 - Portugal (where I'm from) History - Main focus on the Discoveries Era, and that's where the name of the crew comes from "Armada do Infante".
    2 - Pirate skulls and theme colours

    Hope you like it :P
    (Any portuguese? Message me (go to my profile: https://www.seaofthieves.com/forum/user/andrew-valiant) and maybe we can form this mighty Armada!)

    Soon-to-be-Captain Andrew Valiant

  • @Andrew-Valiant

    I like the skulls + cross design, rather distinct... I'm guessing "Armada do Infante"is referring to Henrique "the Navigator." If so, very nice reference to your Portuguese history.

  • @xdilligafx1974 Exactly that! ;) Good to know our history is known outside here! :P
    He sure deserves his credit!

  • @dud3rdude Unfortunately you're not able to upload directly to the forums, your image can be hosted elsewhere then copy the image address and paste straight into your post.

    Nice flag!

  • @katttruewalker said in Let your flag fly!:

    @dud3rdude Unfortunately you're not able to upload directly to the forums, your image can be hosted elsewhere then copy the image address and paste straight into your post.

    Nice flag!

    uhhhh... thanks...

  • I'm super late to this thread lol, but thought I would raise my flag anyway! Even though this is a VERY rough version of it and it needs more work before it's perfect, here it is:

    alt text

  • For me given that i'm going to make the closest thing i can get with the character creator to an Ork from Warhammer 40k, namely a Freeboota Ork (pirate orks basically), i would take on the Orkish take on the Jolly Roger for my sails and flag, which uses an ork skull in place of the human.

  • I finally got my graphic tablett to work properly. And whats the first thing to do afterwards? creating a pirate flag of course!

    so here's mine.
    not the traditional pirate flag but I have a soft spot for those mythical sea creatures.

    ...or maybe this one...

    I really can't decide

    It would be really cool if we could import such graphics as flags to the game.

  • @xdilligafx1974 A bit late to the party
    alt text

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