Do you remember when?

  • it's more than 6 years that the game is out, ok, sometimes may be good, and sometimes not, bugs, glitch, rage moments and issues happens everyday, everywhere, and we all passe through the evolution of this game, maybe i am a nostalgic dude, but i want to remember positively how the game was:

    Do you remember when there was no the buy of storage crate? when we have to do a log-in many minutes before setting sails for doing recourses? back in the day even the portual lady didn't sell you anything but the cosmetics of the ship. how was? long, yes, but was something that gives you hype, more chains you find, more dangerous you were

    Do you remember when the FoTD was a must? when we have to collect all the flames by our bare hands, when we ask to others to kill us for the pink one, or the poor guy that stay on the mast like a lightning rod while the storms taking in his hand a sword waiting for die for a white flame. and what about the boss that you must cannon him to quck completing the fort because scared of other approaching? and what about the tucking: holding the ship hide in Crock hollow, reaching the fort with rowboat with kegs on it?

    do you remember the fake alliances on a FoF that always ended with a massacre like the western? or do you remember when for completing it you must fight something like 4 bosses? that fort in season 2 was fire, i miss how it was

    do you remember when the ashen lords where added? how strong they meteor attacks were? remember when the skull was efficient of players but no one would use it because thei value loosing?

    remember how hard was to sell all the books from the ashen chests? and the missions that you can buy from larinna to get one chest and one key to open it and find the book that are you loking for? remember the "COME OVER HERE! I HAVE A FAVOR TO ASK"

    Do you remember when we find duke randomly through the islands?

    Do you remember the pain of reaching lv5 with athena? the fastest way to doing it was the Thieve's haven Run, and stranding a crewmate there to do all the digs after the riddle of Croock's hollow and Snake island (i was the damned one) to minimize the time wasting

    Do you remember the life without Ghosts, Crawlers and sirens? the only problem for your fishing sessions was the skellies

    Do you remember the infinite loop of the lv5 missions? the one you can do after reaching the firts time this level, you go to get the missions, you set down the emissary flag to vote to raise that again, and after reaching the max level again, you go, get the missions and repeat this process

    Do you remember the boarding audio glitch that if you were in stand on parade with the sword near a ladder you didn't do any water sound, so the boarding was ninja style?

    Do you remember when to avoid chaser, it was necessary to keep a checkpoint of the last Tall Tale? to breach the shrouds wihtout damagin your ship

    do you remember the semplicity of Golden Sands? nowday it's seems impossible to think that the Port Merrick once was a such of little outpost

    Do you remember the hype that reach every player of this game after the announcing of "a pirate's life" update? damn what a time to be a player of SoT

    Do you remember also when they add the beautyfull Glitterbeard easter egg? if some of you have never done it, please, do a favor to all yourselves, and seach a crew to do that, it is worty to be done

    Do you remember the joy to doing and complete the last tall tale? reaching the Shores of gold was wonderfull and completing the mission, with the epilogue, damn guys...damn!

    Do you remember the Arena? the pre-match locanda, where we can do a lot of things waiting the match with randoms, and there was also a jacuzzi! also the actual game of the arena was fun, and i had a lot of fun the few time that i had to enjoy this mode before shouting off

    Do you remember when the Reaper's bone was just a hijacked island of Merrik, wanda was there and the only thing that she accepted was gifts? if you look you can still find the campfire and the drum of merrik, and if you go deep in the water on the reapers you can also see the relic of the Killer whale (in fact i think the place where the Reaper seller is, it's a piece of the Merrik's ship)

    and for last, but not least, do you remember the giant flammy head that speak to you during the ghot fleet world event? with his catchphrase "YOUR SUPPLIES MUST BE DWINGLING BY KNOW!" even if in the barrels we have enough cannonballs to put down the entire Royal Navy fleet.

    i know that some of those can be also retry-able today, but when i lived all those i had a great time of my life (personal life, not the one of the game. you know, no stress, no job, no problems) and i used to play with a lot of friends, that even happened sometimes, after hours of failed attempts, to find us all togheter, in the same server, and those session dudes, were the best session of my life, being in a full server of us, every ship in only one outpost, damn...unforgettable memories

    SO, Sea of thieves, just thank you to letting me to have experienced all those things, that let to this game to find a little place in my cursed heart

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  • Love this. Hoping the next few seasons bring the same sense of accomplishment, mystery, comraderie, and anticipation. So many big changes, maybe they will continue to diversify the world so we can once again explore characters, areas and animals.

  • Do you remember when we used to sing?
    Sha-la-la, la-la, la-la, la-la, la-la tee-da.

    I just had to get that out because it's been in my head since you created the thread.

    I remember when.

  • Pepperidge Farm remembers....

  • I member tegridy farm...

  • I remember when Closed Crew was but a dream and the only choice was an Open Crew Galleon....and only at certain times on certain dates! 😂

    No ladders at outposts, bananas only, Gold Hoarders were the only choice and Earning 1 Million gold was MONTHS of work rather than a few hours (hence the parchment at Lost Gold Fort.... 😭 the great Gold wipe.... )

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