Hourglass: lower the grind to lv 1000

  • @lleorb lvs should be easier in general I shouldn't have to wait for a community weekend to make real progress

  • @jon-sea-nah It takes 2 months if you play EVERY DAY doing 15 levels a day, That would take more than 5 hours a day playing(considering a high win rate.)

    If it were two months doing 5 lv a day it would be an ok grind, but 15?!

  • @lleorb bro just because YOU don’t like the grind doesn’t mean anything about it would change. You probably don’t have what it takes to make it to a Special Operations unit, should they lower the standards because you really want it and don’t think it’s fair?

    It’s not forced do it or don’t homie.
  • The grind to 1000 was never meant to be rushed. It’s a long term goal you can do passively playing every so often and getting some rep for.

  • I think they want it to be inaccessible without a ridiculous commitment. Which I'm okay with. I got the PL curse and that's all I cared about. Level 1000 should take the time it takes. It's not exactly a casual number.

  • @jon-sea-nah This isn't about me, I'll get the curses whether it takes me long or not, I'm at 800 in Athena and then I'll start reaper

    That's not it But just because I can get it doesn't mean I think a routine like that is normal, it's absurd, it's bigger than any other grind in the game and the progress rate has to be very high to shorten the time to 2 or 3 months

    @Tesiccl No, you won't get it by playing gradually, maybe just in 1 or 2 years, you need to play EVERY DAY with a high win rate to get it in a reasonable time

    with 20 levels per week, you get it in 11 months, with 10, in 23

  • You may call me lazy, you may call me whatever you want. But I'm not playing hourglass anymore. I spent a lot of time already and never got 100. I'm tired of it and it feels like a burnout. It's a shame that the ghost amd skeleton cursed are behind this grinds that not everyone has the patience to do.
    I am level 64 in Guardians and I will keep it there until I see some changes.

  • It is correct that a very interesting reward is associated with a great challenge, the problem is that HG is NOT CHALLENGING, it is boring and tedious on a high percentage of occasions.

    Runners, Cheaters, sometimes excessively long waiting times... turn an attractive PvP mode into one of the most boring things in this game.

    If you win, the experience is ridiculous, if you lose, besides a minuscule amount of experience, you have the tedious part of farming the outpost or buying supplies, more time wasted, at the end of the day, in 2-3 hours you have played 5 games if you are not very good at PvP, or if you are unlucky with cheaters.

    I love PvP, but the one I had in arena, with EQUAL resources for all crews and without the tedium that comes with losing a game. In Arena you would go down, respawn and battle again, that's what made me addicted to that mode and PvP, frenetic, balanced and fun.

    I have both curses, I don't plan to play HG again until they improve both the experience and the speed to join the next one.

    It's very simple, if you go down, you get an option to join the queue and fight again with FREE captaincy supplies. That simple change, along with an increase in experience earned, would make the mode a lot more engaging and fun.

    And put more rewards between levels 200-1000.

    Let's not confuse TEDIOUS with CHALLENGING.

  • @mrestiercol said in Hourglass: lower the grind to lv 1000:

    It's very simple, if you go down, you get an option to join the queue and fight again with FREE captaincy supplies.

    Just say you want arena back and less of trying to suggest making PvP this careless activity.

    Based on the design of Hourglass, I can tell that Rare wants you to care about your boat, the supplies YOU gathered, and the incentive to make "PvP on demand" an option between background matchmaking, and some kind of quickplay.

    Arena created a legion of weird players that care about their boat a lot less, not realizing the ramifications of sinking are supposed to be genuinely punishing (and unnecessarily demotivating). The consequences of PvP shouldn't change just to suit a preferred playstyle that directly goes against it's core design.

  • I would say that rewards from 200-1000 and perhaps a new game mode or mechanic would be nice.

    Shake things up, get more people interested

  • @lleorb said in Hourglass: lower the grind to lv 1000:

    There is a problem, which is what prompted me to ask for this.

    The question of how fast to get the curses revolves around the amount of streaks the player makes, people who reset with around 5 streaks will take MUCH longer than those who make 10 or more.

    Will they ?

    after the 5th sink in a streak gives max renown, after that each ship sunk gives the same (the multiplier ends at tier 4)

    in the beginning it has been min maxed to death and it is clear that lowering at 4 or 5 is both safer then going for 10 plus it gives you a renown boost twice for selling, and the combined boost of those 2 gives more then the boost for selling at 10 once

    also every 100 levels the renown requirement resets, so it basically means you "just" have to do 10 x 0 - 100.

    take your time, it was implemented to be something that required dedication

  • The biggest detriment to progression in HG, besides skill or cheaters, is lack of involvement.

    NAWest server queue times especially for anything but sloop are horrendous.

    Doesnt matter how cracked your crew is if youre sitting in the dive screen for over a half hour between every match.

    Fleshing out the rewards and/or expanding the game mode would go a long ways to improving involvement and the overall experience.

  • @lleorb and that's if you are winning every match the juice isn't worth the squeeze

  • @mrestiercol thank you I have been saying this since it launched only to be met with but loss farmers but loss farmers bruh ill take loss farmers over runners hackers and exploiters any day of the week

  • @lleorb

    No, you won't get it by playing gradually, maybe just in 1 or 2 years, you need to play EVERY DAY with a high win rate to get it in a reasonable time.

    1 or 2 years sounds like a great long term goal, especially if you only play a couple of times a week. Not long ago I completed something that took me over 4 years to do, I did it weekly and gradually the completion got closer and closer. If that can be done, then a gradual grind to hit 1000 can be easily done over a year or so, which is perfectly reasonable.

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