A World of Encounters

Here Be Monsters

As you set out to carve a legacy, be warned: not all figures of local lore are content to linger in the past. Crews that sail in search of these secrets may face the reality behind rumours of gargantuan sea beasts and other dangers lurking beneath the surface of the world. The Kraken has taken down far too many ships to be ignored, and following The Hungering One's recent rampage, the Megalodon menace remaining in the world is all too real…

Skeleton Scourge

The scuttling dead have prowled the Sea of Thieves since the first wave of pirates died… and came back. Since then, things have escalated: now there are different types of skellies needing different tactics to defeat, Skeleton Captains at large with bounties on their heads, Skeleton Forts heralded by skull clouds and ships crewed by cackling cadavers. All such encounters are likely to be hostile. Skelephobes are advised to stay in bed.

Trading Companies

It's not all fighting for your life, and not everyone you'll encounter makes their living as a pirate. Alongside the shopkeepers and shipwrights in residence at Outposts you'll find representatives of the Gold Hoarders, Merchant Alliance and Order of Souls. These Trading Companies have their own agendas and will reward crews willing to undertake dangerous work on their behalf. The boisterous Bilge Rats often pose their own challenges too!

Trading Companies

Ferry of the Damned

Whether you've taken a close-up look at a shark's insides or toppled off a cliff after one grog too many, you'll find yourself awakening aboard this spectral ship. If the prospect of spending eternity with the recently deceased seems galling, don't worry – the ship's captain may look unsympathetic, but he'll soon return you to the land of the living. Why not pass the time by commiserating with your ghostly fellow passengers?