A World of Encounters

Here Be Monsters

As you set out to carve a legacy you're sure to stumble across signs of those who came before you, but be warned: not all of Sea of Thieves' legends are content to linger in the past. Pirates who set sail in search of these deeper, darker secrets may find themselves forced into facing savage Skeleton Captains, the truth behind rumours of gargantuan sea beasts and myriad other dangers lurking beneath the surface of the world…

Trading Companies

Not everyone you'll encounter makes their living as a pirate. Alongside the shopkeepers and shipwrights who ply their trades at outposts, you'll find representatives of various Companies ranging from legitimate businesses to secret societies. These Companies have their own reasons for braving the Sea of Thieves, and will be only too happy to reward crews willing to undertake dangerous work on their behalf.

Trading Companies

Ferry of the Damned

Whether you've taken a close-up look at a shark's insides or toppled off a cliff after one grog too many, you'll find yourself awakening aboard this spectral ship. If the prospect of spending eternity with the recently deceased seems galling, don't worry – the ship's captain may look unsympathetic, but he'll soon return you to the land of the living. Why not pass the time by commiserating with your ghostly fellow passengers?