Live Q + A: Adventure with Joe Neate, Mike Chapman and Ryan Stevenson - NOW FINISHED

  • We're going live for a Q+A again and this time we've recruited Joe Neate (Executive Producer), Mike Chapman (Design Director) and Ryan Stevenson (Art Director) to talk all thing Adventure!

    Come by to join in from Monday 2nd September 5pm BST. Start thinking up questions.

    We'll open the thread when we go live.

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  • Ahoy Joe, Mike and Ryan

    This first year (and a half) for the game, you focused the content a lot to the general public of the game. With this, you made the game a lot easier, including reaching to Pirate Legend. Do you have plans to make Pirate Legends something to fear on the seas again, including new content for PL too?

    As a crazy idea, I would love a multi-chapter tall tales exclusive to Pirate Legends. Completing these tales, would not only grant you new customization types for the ship, but also, completing all of them would grant you the "Captain" role. (Aka: Captaincy Update mixed with tall tales).

  • Are you planning to implement fire

  • @muse986

    Hey Joe! Hey Mike! Hey Ryan

    As always, I want to start by thanking you all for the wonderful and unique thing that Sea of Thieves is. This game has affected so many of us in a really big way, and you all deserve to hear about that as much as possible.

    My question is:

    Will we soon be seeing any new content additions to the Pirate Legend aspect of the game and more Legend exclusive cosmetics? Those of us who are legends have been eager for more things to see, do, and earn that are designed specifically for this most highly engaged part of the player base.

    So many AMAZING content updates have come through and enriched the world at the ground level in remarkable ways (bravo to you and your team for this!!) - Could we reasonably expect that we would see some stuff built specifically for Pirate Legends soon - like Legend exclusive Tall Tales, the Pirate Legend Captaincy Update, and the unreleased Ghost cosmetics, etc..?

    I always think back about the things Mike would say about Pirate Legends content around launch, and get sad that none of it has come into the game yet.

    Thanks again for everything! And thank you for coming here to do this QA today!

  • Abhoy Joe, Mike and Ryan,

    thank you for doing this Q&A!

    Have you ever thought about adding a moving Island to the Sea of Thieves, something like a big Whale or giant Turtle, that roams the Shroud and sporadically visits one of the three main Seas (The Wilds, Ancient Isles and Shores of Plenty) for a short while before disappearing into the depths again?

    I can picture the Coding Team crying out in agony just thinking about the amount of technical hoops and hurdles they would have to jump through.

    Also, classic Forum Question (more relevant than ever with Pets around the corner 👀);
    Monkey or Parrot?

  • First I’m Glad Skeleton Lords arrived in the Sea of Thieves, love the Design and the Abilities. But can we expect future Skeleton Lords with some new abilities? Because I think they’re supposed as bosses, and bosses in other Games are more varied in terms of there abilities/skills and mechanics to defeat them. Maybe one unique skill per Lord would be nice to spice things up!

  • What happend to random emerging Skeleton Ship encounters?
    Are there any plans to reintroduce them to the game and make them and Skeletton Ship battles more rewarding and often?

  • Quite a few questions here feel free to answer however many you feel like.

    Are there any plans to add new enemy types to the land in Sea of Thieves in the future? What I mean by this is anything other than skeletons. Perhaps wildlife, NPC pirates, zombies, anything really but skeletons.

    Are there any plans to add more sea life to Sea of Thieves in the future that we can interact with? Maybe large fish you need to harpoon to catch rather than use the fishing pole.

    Are there any more plans to add anymore monsters to Sea of Thieves, in the sea or on the land? Giant Crab, Cyclops in a cave, Giant Sea Turtle that lifts a boat out of the water, anything really.

    Are there any plans to add additional things to look for any explore under water? For instance pearl diving.

    Will we ever get an additional use for the different colored lights we can get with our lanterns? For instance you need a certain color to reveal a specific clue.

    Do you have any plans to increase the amount of levels to can earn in either Athena’s or any of the trading companies? Right now rewards are less and less meaningful since it's only gold and most devoted players have the cosmetics they really want. Giving us a new goal with the type of content in the game would be welcome.

    Forts use to be a real hotspot for PVP, I feel like that’s died down a lot since most people don’t need Gold Hoarder, Order of Souls, or Merchant rep as much as they use to. Could you add a barrel to the forts which included several trophy fish for those working on hunters call?

    Will we ever get the ability to shoot chickens, pigs, and snakes out of the cannons?

    On that note will chickens, pigs and snakes ever get some love? No one ever bothers with them anymore. Maybe add the shrouded ghosts for each type so you always carry around a crate incase you find it.

    Are you working on any expansion to the map? We haven’t had a new area since the Devils Roar. Shores of Gold doesn’t really count since its only accessible during a specific Tall Tale.

    Will we ever get additional Bilge Rat Adventures? You seem to have abandoned them in favor of Mercenary Voyages.

    Any plans on adding mechanics to the game that require you to be drunk on grog?

    I have several friends that think their wives would love the Tall Tales but know that as soon as they get attacked by another crew they’d get frustrated and no longer want to continue. I’m not asking for a PvE server but would you be open to the idea of a PvE mode for the Tall Tales?

    Thanks for these Q&A’s I enjoy getting the chance to interact with the developers of a great game.

  • Any chance we will see a snow area in the game at some point?

  • Hey guys, I'll keep it short and sweet as I know your time is valuable, I'll try cover a couple different areas.

    1. Curses - I'm assuming we will see more player curses in the future but would it be possible to see ship curses? For example one that tears up your hull just like a Skeleton Ship to show how battle hardened your crew is, or a Ghostly Athena one which serves to supplement the Athena's Fortune.
    2. Captaincy *(I know) - if Ship Naming/Ownership does happen, have you considered using the commendation system as a reward and unlock system for more prestigeous names you can select from? This would give more value to the commendations at current and give them an expanded purpose.
    3. Clothing - Will we see any Eastern or other styled clothing come into the Sea of Thieves? One major issue that has been recognized by Rare is the lack of clothing drops recently as well as the incomplete sets, however another issue is that for the most part clothes all look about the same aside from newer things and the Bone Crusher, Ocean Crawler, Kraken and Parrot Sets, it would bring a lot of life to have new clothing be styled differently for the future.
    4. Tall Tales - Will there be a focus on replayability for future Tales? Locking secondary Tale rewards to 5 playthroughs of the same Tale with little variation between them wasn't very motivating to want to do them over and over again. I'd like to see that the more you play through the same Tale you unlock more story and lore to create a more full picture and keep the player engaged through subsequent playthroughs.

    Thanks and have a good one!

  • Hi everyone, thanks for doing this QNA! I have a few questions I would love to get answered. Firstly, are there any plans for a significant Pirate Legend update? The one thing this game truly lacks, in my opinion, is proper end game content. There needs to be a lot more pirate legend focus stuff to work towards, not just doing the same stuff we did to get to legend over again for one quest.

    Secondly, what do you think of introducing a daily quest system? This could be run by the bilge rats and gives you stuff do each day. And I don’t just mean "Do X amount of voyages", it could be kill a meg/kraken, find a skeleton throne, sell x species of fish etc etc. These could reward doubloons or maybe a new currency you can save for special rewards. Tbf this could also be used for pirate legend exclusive stuff, and gives a 'special' currency you can exchange for special PL stuff.

    Ik these are more suggestions than questions but I have so many ideas and wanted to share some somewhere the devs could see and maybe get some feedback?

    Thanks so much for your time :)

  • Can we expect to see crabs in the future, either as a merchant animal or a pet option.

  • Rare, mine and @KrlBarker (Gameaholik) 11yr old son Rhys loves SOT.

    But he loves Turtles even more!

    He has severe ADHD, learning disabilities & a melatonin deficiency.
    Turtles are his world, they calm him and help him through his difficulties.
    He has the biggest collection of turtle plushies, ornaments, posters, pillows, clothes you name it.
    Each and every one has it’s own name.
    He also has two of his very own living turtles called Tario & Tuigi (after Mario & Luigi)

    He would love to see turtles feature in Sea of Thieves. He’s seen all the Turtle paintings around the map and would like to know if you have any plans in the future to add them to the game. He’d love his own Turtle figurehead to sail around with in the future.

  • Captain Bones, we have seen in game references in the name of a voyage, the Captain Bones sword, and one of the chat wheel options on the old skull. Also a few pictures of a plastic Halloween skeleton hanging out at the rare headquarters by the same name. What's the story behind Captain Bones?

  • How about rewards exclusive to pvp activities, perhaps via a faction that only accepts loot stolen from other crews.

  • Abhoy Captns

    I was wondering if there would be any thought on expanding the melee system for a more fluid block, parry, and basic attack as its rather clunky as is?

    Will the Grand Maritime Union see the light of day?


  • Feel free to answer only a couple. (obviously would like all though :D)

    1. Any plans for more reason to do GH/OoS/MA missions as a PL? I used to love find messages in bottles, but now it feels pointless to do them...I'd really like the excitement to still be there. Maybe let us level up past 50?

    2. Please make health bars appear over black 'voyage complete'/near island bars notifications.

    3. Can you let us change flag from the shipwright chest, rather than having to go to the crow's nest? Or is there a reason (thematically) that you want us to do this?

    4. Any plans to add new weapons?

    5. A lot of stuff added recently (not all by any means I know) seems to take the form of temporary time-limited events. Do you plan to continue with this or add more permanent features?

    6. Will we ever see another bilge rat adventure (not a mercenary voyage)?

  • Abhoy Joe, Mike and Ryan! I am just asking on behalf of @xCALYPT0x (as he has a prior personal engagement he believes takes precedence 😁 )

    1. With pets on the way and being the first item from the original roadmap to come into the game, is the captaincy update any closer?

    2. Along with #1, is there a chance we can get a new roadmap so we have an idea of what to look forward to instead? Right now feels like an endless mercenary voyage limbo state.

    3. When is the SoT merch store coming back? I want to buy stuff lol.

    4. Can you please give us the Rare definition of "in the near future?" You tweeted this over a year ago:

    Thank you very much on their behalf!

  • @springtrap451 said in Live Q + A: Adventure with Joe Neate, Mike Chapman and Ryan Stevenson - Monday 2nd September 5pm BST:

    Are you planning to implement fire

    ooh, a hot topic to start.

  • Since the devils Shroud is a living breathing entity. Have you ever thought about haveing it cover up existing regions for periods of time, and exposing other new regions? For example we the devils shroud would swallow up the shores of plenty for two months while releasing a new area. I feel like this would be a great way to introduce seasons into the game. Any thoughts on something like that?

  • Ahoy Joe, Mike and Ryan!
    Thank you for this Live Q + A, always appreciated.

    When is the Tortuga of the Sea of Thieves coming?

  • Why are there three daggers in the Pirate Lords back? Will we ever learn the truth?

  • Will the Creator crew include all types of creators? (YouTubers, cosplayers, propmakers, artists, social media fan pages, musicians etc) or will it focus on streamers?

  • Any update on when Brigs and Sloops will arrive in Arena?

  • Hey guys, i'm slamming some questions into one post so hopefully you can answer some!

    1. Are you looking at expanding the Pirate Legend experience any time soon? Something i would like to see would be a stand out unique voyage that is a new gameplay experience outside of the GH,OoS and MA combo that are Athena Voyages.

    2. Now that Pets are coming next month, there remains only one other content update that was teased and post poned for original launch. Captaincy. Is this something still planned for down the road?

    3. NPC's have some really cool looking clothing,beards,hair styles etc. What is keeping you from releasing these to us? While i understand you want NPC's to be unique i do think a lot of us would really appreciate some new clothing options and i think a lot of these would do the trick. I am still really sad we couldn't keep the Morningstar outfit btw! ^^

    4. Will you be expanding the Skeleton Lord mechanics/skellies to other places? Such as a OoS "boss" or to the Skellie forts?

    5. November 6th 2018, Mr. Neate said on stream that a Man o' War is a case of 'when rather than if', so here i am asking the big question. Man o' War when?

    Thanks for taking the time to do this guys ^^

  • Are the objects from the Sea of thieves RPG cannon? Will we ever see characters like the Lord guardian in the video game?

  • Hi guys, thanks for taking time to do this. Loads of good questions to ask but I’d imagine most will be covered by Captain Logun! :)
    My question is; any more news to share on the the Official Soundtrack? So much good music!

  • Will we ever see Crabs? Can we get them as pets?

  • Hello Team!

    I've been trying to get this issue some opinions from the devs for quite a while now, but the efforts have so far been fruitless.
    Namely: Does the team have any further plans for the Box of Wondrous Secrets?

    This enigmatic Treasure Item has been in the game for quite a while now and as of now, it feels like it's been tacked on to the game with no real reason for it to exist other than its rarity. The 25 000 gold reward is nice, however to most players who manage to stumble upon it, this gold reward is of not much value. There isn't a single Commendation, Achievement or Title related to this item, meaning that there is no mention of the item in-game. If we think about some person stumbling upon it accidentally and not knowing that it can only be turned in to Grace, then they have no other way to know this other than searching the internet or by trial and error.
    I think that for an item compared in its rarity to the Shrouded Ghost, should have at least some kind of a Title or Commendation to show off apart from the 25k gold as the gold itself isn't as valuable as some cosmetic, titular or visual upgrade would be.
    Perhaps now would be a good time to include the Box in your Titles and Commendations system or even into the story as the similar looking Reaper's Chests have started circulating in the Sea of Thieves?

    All the best,
    Ed Keppler

  • Will there be a sequel to the Athenas fortune novel?

  • @eggamer13 said in Live Q + A: Adventure with Joe Neate, Mike Chapman and Ryan Stevenson - Monday 2nd September 5pm BST:

    Ahoy Joe, Mike and Ryan

    This first year (and a half) for the game, you focused the content a lot to the general public of the game. With this, you made the game a lot easier, including reaching to Pirate Legend. Do you have plans to make Pirate Legends something to fear on the seas again, including new content for PL too?

    As a crazy idea, I would love a multi-chapter tall tales exclusive to Pirate Legends. Completing these tales, would not only grant you new customization types for the ship, but also, completing all of them would grant you the "Captain" role. (Aka: Captaincy Update mixed with tall tales).

    Yes, I mentioned previously in the Tall Tales Q&A that we're looking to unlock the value from all the mechanics added in the Tall Tales as part of new refreshed Voyages... so, absolutely Pirate Legends will see new Voyages in the future that benefit from this. Perhaps... even a reason to return to the Shores of Gold as one of the first;)

  • Will the legendary hunter if the sea of thieves achievement be fixed? I'm at 40 out of 57 commendations and it still says 5%. Others are saying they finished it and have the title but no achievement.

  • hi joe / mike just a quick question
    do you have plans to stop spawn killing when people board your ship ?
    and when we get the option to play with xbox / pc only ?

    also fire would be great will give us a new use for the bucket


  • Ahoy Joe Mike and Ryan I would love to see more life in the sea have you thought about adding animals like Dolphins and whales in the future!!

  • @justsaiyen93 said in Live Q + A: Adventure with Joe Neate, Mike Chapman and Ryan Stevenson - Monday 2nd September 5pm BST:

    Will there be a sequel to the Athenas fortune novel?

    We're discussing plans for future novels and comics. Lots of interesting plans!

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