Best Session in a While!

  • Today, I joined an open crew and wanted to see what would happen since most of the open crews I've been on before either don't work out or they just leave immediately.

    However, I joined into a crew sailing towards a Fort of Fortune. Half way through doing the fort, a sloop (reaper) attacked our galleon. Two of us boarded while the other two used cannons. We sank the sloop and returned to the fort.

    After we completed it, another sloop (Athena 5) and brig (no emissary) who were in an alliance attacked us. At the same time two skelly ships spawned. One on them, one on us.

    All out war raged upon the waves. We took care of the skelly ships, sank the brig and almost sank the sloop before it ran from us.

    With that, we sailed back to the fort and started loading the loot up. We then saw the sloop get attacked by a brig (although the fight didn't last long, so either they called a truce or it was bait)

    Either way, as they were doing their thing, we made a quick getaway to the outpost and sold our fort loot. Getting me Athena 13, Top stage of the emissary ledger and got me to 6mil gold.

    It was one of the best times I've had in this game for a long time!

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