Pirate Times Issue #7 Submissions

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    Hey there! Long post ahead!
    I've been part of the sea of thieves community for a while and although I mostly exclusively share my artwork on the official discord, I felt this was a good opportunity to share some of my paintings/drawings. It would really be an honor to get a spot in the Pirate Times. Just as a heads up, there will be a slight variation of styles since there is a decent time gap between each artwork.

    This first art piece is the most recent one (basically finished it today :P), based on the new hair dyes added in the last update. They were so interesting that I could not resist drawing a new illustration of my pirate


    This second illustration was made at some point during august, although I never really posted it outside of discord since I wasn't too happy with it. I was mostly interested in playing with the colors of the ghost set and the ferry.


    I don't really remember at what point I drew the last two illustrations, but they were done at some point during the anniversary update, so a long time back. They were made mostly to remember the day that my pirate and my partners pirate got the gold curse.

    alt text

    alt text

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    I am proud to call myself the sole owner and proprietor of the only Floating Restaurant on the Sea of Thieves; The Tasty Crustacean! We specialise in bringing high quality food cooked to perfection from all over the ocean to wandering sailors across the seas!

    All our food is completely FREE and we encourage all sailors to eat, drink, and be merry upon our fine vessel without any fear of attack or food poisoning! (we are not responsible for alcohol poisoning).

    We have sailed across the seas and handed out food to many sailors, and encourage players to actually take time to enjoy the finer things in a Pirate's life.

    Our fine vessel:
    alt text

    Your Captain/Owner/Chef:
    alt text

    Another satisfied customer:
    alt text

    If you see us on the seas, don't be shy! We're always looking for more customers to share our delicious cuisine with upon the Sea of Thieves!

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    Gotta feature The Pirate Councils "Season of Thieves" charity event for Project Aware. They raised over $1500 for Project Aware and featured some of the most awesome streamers in Sea of Thieves. Well done to all!


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    This post is deleted!
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    @captn-reaver This is so perfect. Hope to see you on the seas!