Sea Dogs Tavern Competition/Minigame Area

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    In Adventure Mode, the Sea Dog Tavern is shaping up to be a real competitive space. With the upcoming changes outlined in next months patch notes, I would love to see additional competitions/games to participate in amongst pirates in the open world.

    The Sea Dogs pride themselves on their competitive spirit. I find it a fitting addition to the game to make the Sea Dogs Tavern an area where pirates from all around the Sea of Thieves can come together in the spirit of competition to test their mettle.

    Imagine pulling up to the tavern to see pirates participating in timed obstacle courses, testing their (good) eye in a shooting range, launching teammates from cannons through flaming rings for varying points, or even putting their hard earned coin on the line in a game of dice or cards.

    What I think would also be awesome would be if these competitions could reward you gold, or even a new currency to spend at the Sea Dog vendors. Imagine exclusive items that could only be purchased from participating in these team based, or head to head games. This would be a great way to pass the time on the seas, create a place to form new friendships and alliances and also serve as a hub for players to show off ship sets and cosmetics.

    What do you guys think? Would you like to see such an area exist in the Sea of Thieves? I know I would! Let me know what you think.