Skeleton Forts

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    A request/feedback for skeleton forts. Forts are much more worth the value than they were before with the addition of the merchant items. But with how often they spawn and the loot you get (20k-40k average) they're not the raid they were intended to be. I remember the early days where you had 3 hour fights for a fort between half the server to walk away with 15k because that much gold was nuts! I think increasing the loot in the fort (closer to 75k+) and decreasing the rate they spawn might turn that around. It would make clearing a fort much worth while and bring back the incentive to have it be an all out raid like in the old days because it might be awhile before you see the next one.

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    I definitely agree with this. Forts are dead at the moment and can easily be solo’d without drawing any attention. Needs to be a bigger reward as you said (maybe barrels, inside the vault with rare cooked fish?) to get people doing them again. Spent 3 hours server hopping the other day to try and find a ship at a fort to raid and couldn’t find a single ship at about 30-40 active forts, they definitely need buffed.

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    I don't think that increasing profit is the right solution, now you find chests everywhere, gems, megaldons, shipwrecks, etc.

    As I commented in another thread, for me the solution is to rebalance the entire loot of the game (it is out of control) and that each one has the correct value.
    In this way, making it worthwhile to invest time in a skeleton fort.

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    Increase the amount of loot and make forts every 3 hours again. At the very least make them every 2 hours.

    I really, REALLY miss the big fights we used to have over forts. My greatest SoT memory is when we fought over a fort for SIX HOURS! Now, no one even goes to forts, much less if another ship is already there.

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    I do agree but 75k might be too high. With each update it gets easier and easier to levels up and get rich. Not only have they added numerous types of treasure and ways to obtain them they have also nerfed a lot of aspects. As much as they spawn they just aren’t as rare as they used to be.

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    Just set the spawn rate back to 3 hours or atleast 2 hours, the fort had many buffs so it doesnt need 75k worth of treasure.

    And there is plenty of other ways to get gold now besides the fort.

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    @a-cry1ng-orphan 75k would be a bit too much, but yes, something should be done...
    Maybe a solution into the right way is to switch between forts and ship raids, not as now, 3 hours to the ship raid...
    Ship raid, Fort, Ship Raid, Fort and so on...maybe with a half hour or hour break in between

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    The amount was just a random suggestion. More money just makes the fight more worth it. But biggest thing for sure is make it spawn slower. Maybe just alternate Forts and Ship Raids to be every other and to be an hour after one gets completed or times out.