Guess for Gold Competition - How many Megalodons defeated? **[RESULTS]**

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    Greetings, Pirates and lubbers alike!

    The latest Guess for Gold competition, where we asked you to guess how many Megalodons had been defeated between August 14th- August 15th, has now concluded. After over 900 guesses (some very, very close!), we've found the Forum member who came closest to the correct number.
    The actual number was:

    And the Forum member who got closest to the correct answer, thus winning our Grand Prize this week is:
    @TitusBugatti99 - 6442
    Congratulations me matey, you'll be receiving your prizes soon!

    Thanks to everyone who took part, there were some very close guesses! We'll be back on Thursday with another Guess for Gold stat and most importantly, more loot!

    Lootin' Lizalaroo