Enlist in the British Royal Navy Today!

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    Greetings to all!

    The British Royal Navy is recruiting new sailors to assist in peacekeeping of the Sea of Thieves! We offer unto you a thriving community of ACTIVE members, daily multi-ship events, competent crews, and monthly challenges to win yourself honour and glory! Here is a list of some of our events to partake in:

    Be a sailor in a convoy consisting of multiple ships on the same server and watch as skeletons and pirates cower in fear!

    Ghosts of Legends Past:
    Compete against other Royal Navy crews in Athena’s voyages spanning the whole main map, gunpowder kegs are prohibited... May the ship with the most treasure and the most victories prevail!

    Fire and Steel:
    Compete against other Royal Navy crews in a Devil’s Roar setting, the winners of the “Ghosts of Legends Past” event will compete in this event, to bring their flotilla (their group of crews in the Discord) glory!

    A member of the Royal Navy can be identified by their uniform, and a warship in the service of the Royal Navy can be identified by the white sails and red/blue flag. Now...!

    Enlist in the Royal Navy from this link to receive a £10,000 bonus in the server after membership for one week!

    1st Naval Lord Steinsonne, Duke von Hesse

    • HMS Lionheart, HMS Immanuel

    Marshal Callsign, Duke Norfolk

    • HMS Temeraire, HMS Rex Gloriae

    Vice-Admiral Zore, Duke Somerset

    • HMS Callisto, HMS Arcas

    Commodore Terminal, Lord Donegal

    • HMS Syren, HMS Surprise

    Junior Captain Jack Aubrey, Lord Victoria

    • HMS Invictus, HMS Australia

    Master-and-Commander Rando

    • HMS Ultimatum, HMS Hand of God

    Master-and Commander Graf

    • HMS Wraith, HMS Abyss

    [Enlist in the Royal Navy Today!](https://discord.gg/

    Rule, Britannia!

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    Royal Navy , hey? Looks like meat is back on the menu boys...Welcome to the Sea of Thieves , i'm gonna steal yer admiral trousers and hang them as a flag in my mast...Hihihihihii...

    Sorry ,Sir , just a little joke , i hope you may recruit a lot of ...Pirates????

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    This post is deleted!