Let's talk about discussions opinions and how to treat people on the internet.

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    Let me start by saying I'm not holier then thou. I too fall into these traps and pitfalls so plese don't treat me like a hypocrite I'm only trying to help people with discussions.

    I'm seeing a lot of discussions on these forums going really badly after a few posts.
    I can understand that if you post something on the forums you'd like to get positive feedback, and positive feedback is nice to get. But please be prepared that your opinion might be viewed by others as bad, and also plese respect that. On both sides, respect the opinion of the person doing the suggestion and respect the opinion of the person shooting down said suggestion.

    It's really a healthy thing to have different and often opposing opinions. It's trough discussion that we can show eachother the viewpoint we have. If you like something and want to improve the game by suggesting something and I in turn give you a reason why your suggestion might be bad, that's not that I hate you and that I want you to fail. That's me explaining my view on the matter and you're always open to explain your side as well.
    This counts for everyone, not just for me.

    If you don't agree with someone please don't resort to personal insults or the likes. I see a lot of: "How old are you" or "You're wrong!" posts that just fustrate me to no end, because it adds exactly nothing to the discussion and gives no feedback. If you respond to someone respond to their post, don't just ignore everything someone took probably minutes to type and type something completely unrelated.

    So please take this into account when discussing topics. Discussions are great and I'd hate to see them end in anything immature.

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    Yes. This is true. We also need to be respectful as we oppose an idea, or even as the person that made the idea gets salty. If we get mad back, it only makes it worse.

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    i've read a few counter-arguments that could be considered toxic.

    some say that another's augments and statements are just their opinion. i always say that this argument is irrelevant because literally everything posted on this forum is another persons thoughts and opinions. what matters is whether or not we agree with them.

    some also reject and oppose ideas just because they would be hard to implement. literally every idea and suggestion would be hard to implement. its a game which requires code and programming to update and add anything.

    some would also stand against ideas and suggestion because they believe it would be a waste of development. is it convenient that everyone who would write this argument are not the developers themselves? who can rightfully say what is and is not a waste of development but the developers themselves.

    there is also the occasional logical fallacy argument.