Valiance indicators

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    Now I would like a flag indicator for alliances much like they have in the arena by your names now, your alliance flag is next to the player's name to whom you have an alliance with so you know you are allied with that ship's crew. When Rare introduced crew flags next to the name I didn't assume it would be in just the Arena I assumed adventure as well for alliances, This would be nice so you don't kill your pirate buddies by mistake if another ship comes sailing into a fort or outpost. Of course, you can still betray your pirate friends with whom you allied with this is a pirate game after all.

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    This has been discussed before. It's a no from me. Alliances are supposed to be chaotic, get to know your alliance members before doing anything. Also, this would make infiltration all but impossible.

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    @blckmlr757 It’s also a no from the devs. They’ve explained already why they won’t give alliance indicators. Infiltration of alliances by non-alliance members is something they want. So, what you’re asking for will likely never happen.

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    It's fun to make the alliance ships shoot at eachother, that's all i say. So it's a no from me.