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    Neebs and the gang from the old Battlefield Friends series have been releasing some enjoyable videos of their adventures through the Tall Tales voyages. It is sometimes painful to watch as they leave themselves vulnerable to attacks. Thought I’d share it here in case any of you might enjoy seeing another crew’s journey. WARNING: Some NSFW language at times.

    Tall Tales #1 Video Link

    Tall Tales #2 Video Link

    Tall Tales #3 Video Link

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    @ghostpaw I love watching them play this game... its hilarious lol

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    @ghostpaw As the embedded video contains inappropriate language, we have changed it to a link. Please be sure that if you post content that has any language in violation of the Forum Rules, that it's posted as an external link.

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    If you're sharing Sea of Thieves content that may include swearing, please do not embed the video into your post, add it as a link to view externally.

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    @triheadedmonkey Ah... I thought I’d just put the links in. Thanks for putting things right. Sorry about that. I’ll be more mindful of that in the future.

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    Just don't include videos that contain Simon. :P

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    These are great.

    Almost makes me want to rethink being a sloop hermit.

    Almost. =P