The Great Easter Egg Hunt

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    Boxes or Barrels?

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    Aye! The barrel etching and coin are dedicated to our very own @Pikaaroon (or one of his incarnations) who delivered a boat load (excuse the pun) of Sea of Thieves inspired gold coins to the Rare team.

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    @Thor-von-Blitz Boxes, i'll try upload a photo here but i'll tag you and @Musicmee on twitter also.

    alt text

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    @musicmee Ahoy there! Long time no see, I have been busy but now I'm back!

    Here is another easter egg (the child painting) found by @chocmoojoo, I don't know the location but she posted a picture on why it is there in game! I also remember seeing that post some time ago and it was really sweet.

    Have a great day and happy sailing!

    Edit: It is located on Smuggler's Bay!

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    I know that the coin on the barrel is @Pikaaroon's 😉, hence me asking if @FrankZappa-fan really means boxes (implying that there is a new Easter Egg in the same cavern) - which he does.

    I personally do not think the skelly in the boxes is a new Easter Egg.

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    @biostructr @chocmoojoo

    And here is the original tweet and picture that kicked it all off.

    @Thor-von-Blitz I knew you knew :P

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    I wonder if that's all or if we are still missing one or more. 🤔

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    im always on the search for my easteregg xD but i think there isn´t one for me xD

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    Still think at the top of the rock where the sea dog tavern is. Maybe a harpoon at the tip of the rock. I miss those pioneer sessions. One of the funniest things I've ever seen happen in the seas.

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    I found a ton of chickens but no eggs