The Shores of Gold Tall Tale

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    @lord-budstep said in The Shores of Gold Tall Tale:

    @foxywiththemoxy Please edit your second post, you just wrote the biggest spoil of the book to everyone, and its really not necessary to understand your point...

    Edited it, let me know if there are still any spoilers.

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    @callmebackdraft I complained that, having sold the skull in any outpost, they could have raised the level. Furthermore, the final reward of the chapter does not include a complete garment, but different objects that in my opinion make no sense.

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    The point of the matter is, aside from the glory and so on. If a person does not like traps, such as in the Tomb Raider game as some have reported, he simply does not play.
    If Sea of ​​Thieves had wanted to introduce traps in the game, it would have had to do it from the beginning, not after years of play, because if someone doesn't like that kind of game, they simply don't buy it.
    It is not correct to include this game mode at the end of a chapter, when everyone knows that to complete any Sea of ​​Thieves mission requires time and effort.
    Do you want to set traps? You put less, not so full as not everyone can play this mode. In the end, it started well, a nice idea to insert the stories that made the game more interesting, ending badly like everything that makes Rare.

    This is my thought, as many have struggled to finish it given the non-gaming skills.

    P.S.: Don't invent words on a speech that does not fit with mine.

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    @falsegore128 i almost cried on the ending. it was sir, a breathtaking adventure whit my crew. we found many secrets of sea of thieves and we became the ones who beat the gold hoarder. As pirate lord said "it isn't about money", it is about being the one who experienced that beautifull story about love, adventure, mystic and a willingness to sail there where nobody has yet.

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    I'm not talking about gold!