Feedback + Suggestions for current and future voyages/bilgerat and other things

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    So this is gonna be a bunch of feedback and suggestion that some friends and i compiled and i don't want to make a different topic for each.

    The praise first:

    1. Thank you for fixing the Kraken. Not getting pulled through hulls anymore makes the fight actually enjoyable.
    2. The amount of content tall tales brought is amazing and quite enjoyable to play through. Getting that much content for free is rare these days (Ha! see what i did there. :P)

    Now to some feedback on current things:

    1. The skeleton ship raids really need some love. Yeah i get it forts are easier, people don't like a challenge yadda yadda. But i for one don't want to do forts 24/7 and when a ship raid finally spawns its gone before you get there in 99% of the cases.
    2. I feel like the sloop needs some buff because of the new damage model, for obvious reasons i guess.
    3. Now third goes for all ships: one shot shouldn't instantly drop your anchor, if it gets destroyed by multiple hits and due to that the anchor drops, fine. But aimbot skeletons and volcanoes who just slightly hit your anchor and making it drop is ridiculous at times.
    4. The rep and gold you get for meg and kraken should be higher imo, it's special fish/meat afterall and yet it gives so little.

    The third section is about future things that could be a great addition, mainly things that came up during our tall tales voyages.

    1. Gold hoarder voyages using the star telescope.
    2. Order of soul voyages using the ferryman lantern to free lost souls
    3. Bilge rat adventures where you have to discover more lairs of the trickster. Or maybe even random traps on island to spice things up.

    Thank you for reading, enjoy your day.