How to grind out last few Gold Hoarders levels?

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    I recently hit level 50 in both Order of Souls and Merchants. I'm currently level 45 Gold Hoarders and on the final stretch towards PL.

    Just asking for advice on the best ways to get those final levels (only have enough doubloons for 1 level so will use at 49) Seen some say Forts are the way to go, although I don't have a problem using LFG posts to find a crew, i spend the vast majority of time as a solo. While some say rolling voyages until you get maps with 4+ chests are the way to go. So my question is which way is quickest/most efficient? or if anyone has any other methods to get the rep quicker.

    Any help is much appreciated.

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    You could by your last Lvs at Dukes Shop if you have enough Dubloons and willing to change them into lv
    Other then that, pure Grinding as always im just surprised that you got 50 at oos and merchant first
    Since shipwrecks and island gift you so often with Chests

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    Gold Hoarders is usually the one that people hit 50 in first?!

    I hate to say it but the best two ways are Alliance Servers and Buying the last levels with Doubloons.

    If you want to do it "Old School" then you have to grind it out. The best way to Grind is to discard "Big Island Maps" and just go for the Missions with a lot of chests on "Small Islands". It's just faster.

    And obviously a combination of these Three techniques would be the fastest.

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    @viperishemu2992 i spent most of my doubloons to get from 44 Souls to 50 because i hated bounty missions. Spent the last week or so grinding DR cargo runs to get merchant maxed out. I've usually not minded gold hoarder missions but i've realised how little rep the chests usually give you so looking for different methods.

    Thanks for the tips. At the moment it looks like rolling voyages to get small maps with lots of chests is looking most effective. Just wanting to get PL so bad now.

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    @noisa1992 I've got enough doubloons for just about 1 level, used all I had to max out Order of Souls because i really don't like bounty missions. Because GH is relatively easy i just left it and focused on merchant, but now I've realised how little rep chests get. Probably going to have to look at more shipwrecks, usually just ignore them but seem to be worth checking at this point.

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    @maciver01 Well just buying much lvs for one is not the cleverst to do

    Since chests and skulls you find all around your normal way
    Most people grind to 47 or even 49 and just by the last lv for each

    And as alliance or galleon oss can be really ez

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    @maciver01 I recommend grinding Devil’s Roar Gold Hoarder missions. As someone mentioned earlier, be picky with which GH voyages you decide to do. Don’t be afraid to cancel a voyage you just voted for if it A. Only has riddles B. Only has single X’s on large islands.

    In other words, keep voting for voyages until you find one that has multiple X’s hopefully on multiple islands. Also, you don’t need to complete the GH voyage. If it has two riddles and two small islands with multiple X’s, just do the two small islands and cancel the voyage afterwards. If you’re on a sloop with another player, that’s 6 GH voyages to choose from per in-game day.

    The only drawback? Volcanoes! Just keep a vigilant eye on those devils. If it’s earthquaking, make sure someone is on the ship during the entirety of the earthquake, and keep that anchor raised. If you’re solo, get back to the ship ASAP if it starts to earthquake. Keep your ears peeled too, as soon as you hear the signature crackling and see the black smoke pluming, get the heck away from the island! That’s it, once you learn to respect volcanoes, those ashen marauders and ashen captains chests will get u to 50 in no time.

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    @maciver01 The mercenary and reaper voyages tend to have a lot of high level chests to dig up, but they also cost doubloons so you should look for an LFG post where people are already doing them.

    Edit: you can't buy them anymore, but if you can find someone who still has them in their inventory it would help.

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    @maciver01 Do Alliances when you get the chance. Every little bit helps.
    Also, if you study your reputation tab you might find a few ways to squeeze out a few doubloons here and there? Maybe enough to buy that last level?
    I actually found the grind from 48-49 harder on my morale than the last level grind (49-50). This was in the days before Doubloons mind you. So maybe buy the "second to last" level and grind out the last one with the knowledge that when the XP circle is full it stays full forever?!

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    @viperishemu2992 alliances are best viper is right why grind when you can grind together