Question about beating a skeleton ship

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    Under what conditions does this game register that you've beaten a skeleton ship?

    Here's why I ask: I have beaten 2 skeleton ships, going solo with the sloop. I have hit the skelly ship at least a few times with cannonballs. The final blow is from boarding the ship with a gunpowder barrel, detonating it, then hanging around to kill spawning skeletons until the ship 'sinks' (or in the two occasions I've 'beaten' the ships, they just disappeared as the water began to fill the ship)

    The only constant I can think of is that my own ship had sunk during the time I was on board the ships. Does this matter?

    Edit: I forgot to add my point: on both occasions, the game hasn't registered that I defeated the ships, so I did it all for nothing.

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    @wildbloodoz I believe once your ship sinks the skeleton ship despawns or leaves and so it wont count if your ship sinks and the agro is lost. That could be why it did not count.

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    It only counts if you dont sink yourself.

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    Thanks for the replies. I suspected it had to do with my ship being sunk but could not find a definite answer