copperbeard disconnects from minimizing game every time.

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    anyone else have this issue? I get disconnected from the server every time the game is minimized, whether intentional or not.

    I'm able to 'alt tab' buy bringing up the inventory screen (tab) and i can cursor over to my other screens with the game still up on my main.

    It's getting extremely annoying at this point, as I'm losing everything, rewards and story progression.

    I haven't played this in roughly a year and never had an issue getting disconnected like this. Assuming Windows has something to do with it, but I'm having trouble pinpointing if anyone has any suggestions


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    For anyone having this issue, the problem ended up being in Windows 10's privacy settings where Sea of Thieves wasn't allowed to run in the background. Once enabled, the copperbeard disconnects ceased.

    Start Menu -- Settings -- Privacy -- Background Apps -- Enable Sea of Thieves

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    @liilbiits doesn’t works , I have that enable from a year. I need to minimize for the Xbox app on windows 10

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    My wife ran into an issue similar to this where simply hitting here ALT key would crash the game.

    She needed to go to find SoT in the apps and features menu, and "reset" in the advanced options.

    Might not work in your case, but it is another thing to check off the list :)

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    That problem is in since day 1. Wonder what's going on with this..