How do I change the language of the game PC

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    I have many problems on the Tall Tales because I think the translation is poorly made to my native language Spanish, and also Rare is using the Spanish of Spain and I am from America. When my crew is connected they read me the tales and puzzles on English and they are perfectly understandable.

    So I want to change the language of the PC version of sea of thieves. How can I do it, without changing all the OS language?

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    You will need to change the language of Windows. And BTW, I'm from Spain, and I understand perfectly all the tall tale clues. And also, the game has Mexican Spanish translation if you want to use it.

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    @eggamer13 thanks but changing all the windows language is a bad fix, yeah I investigate more about the translation, I see on YouTube the there are 2 different Spanish on the game, still I think the Mexican translation is not good enough. The puzzles re giving me trouble, when they force them to rime.