Harpoon Customisation

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    Ahoy Mates!
    Today, I'm wanna talk about Harpoons:

    The new Harpoons at the bow of each ship are perhaps one of the best/fun new addition SoT has had!

    However, my one complaint about them is:
    They don't match up well with your cannons when ya have them customized.

    So, I've got a great suggestion:

    Add Harpoon Customisation.

    Anyways mates that's all I got for today.
    And would you like to see Harpoon customisation added?
    Let me know, until then see ya on the seas!

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    @sgt-palooggoo I think they said they are working on cosmetics for these? I’m not sure where I heard it but I remember someone asking in one of the Q&As about it. It’ll come.

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    I’d actually be surprised if they weren’t working on cosmetics for harpoons.

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    @sgt-palooggoo I think it is just a matter of time before some new harpoon models will be available.

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    I hope they don't forget to customise the arrow at the same time, that would be awesome!!

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    @skulliah I don't think you can classify it as Harpoon Customisation if ya don't change the arrow designs! :-D

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    @sgt-palooggoo I think it would be ok to have that

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    I hope they are listed separate from cannons and not just matching them.

    More cosmetics please!

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    Why the heck not?!