Personal Feedback and Possible Suggestion.

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    I’ve been reading through a bunch of threads over the past couple of days trying to get a good understanding of the arguments for and against pve only servers or some variation of that. It’s actually pretty disheartening to see the way that people on both sides are treating each other, so I thought instead of just flinging out another opinion or demand I would share my experience With SoT and how I think developers could make the game better for me personally.

    I’m a PTSD soldier, no longer in the military. I have come to terms with this and have adapted my life to accommodate. I try to avoid conflict when I can, as everyone should irl, but do occasionally enjoy pvp games when the mood strikes me. This is rare as I mostly enjoy completing quests in game and attaining achievements, but my friends like to “go full pirate” every once in a while and I help out on occasion.

    Why do I say this?

    Because I understand the allure of the pvp element, but it’s not my preferred play style. I’d rather go dig up some chests and turn them in for a reward or go punch some skellies and plop their mangled skulls on a table for some gold. But this is really hard to do with the pvp element that is always constant, and it’s this element that makes me not want to keep playing this game. It is frustrating to spend so much time trying to turn stuff in for progress in the factions and make little to no significant headway. I have a wife and baby and they get the majority of my time during the day so when I play I would like to have it be an efficient use of my time to work toward the achievements. To me the risk is not worth the reward and I just don’t play as much which is a downer because I pre paid for the game (got my day 1 eyepatch) and really like the pve elements in the game.

    Why don’t I just go play something else?

    Well I did pay for the game to start, and because when my friend and I first logged in we fell in love with this game. He is on Xbox and I’m a pc player which is fantastic because there aren’t many games that are cross platform that we were interested in playing. When I saw the water for the first time I just stared at it in awe until my buddy was like “ok dude, it looks good, let’s check out other stuff.” We both thought the sunrises and sunsets were the most beautiful things we’d ever seen in a game. Sailing was so much fun especially when my wife actually started to feel sea sick when watching us play. Reading the maps from goldhoarders to dig up chests was a puzzle to find the spot to dig and the satisfaction of that “clink” when we hit it was exhilarating. I took a long time to create my character and love my avatar. The musical instruments are fantastic, the emotes are silly, the artwork and design is whimsical and I just in general love all of it.

    But, all of that isn’t enough to keep me playing consistently when the pvp element is still constantly present. The stress of looking over my shoulder is too much for me and I don’t like to engage in battle when I’m just trying to progress my rep. Last time I logged on (a few days ago) I was trying out the fishing and enjoying it. I decided to do a goldhoarders quest I had handy in a solo sloop. As soon as I got finished with digging up my two seafarers and a captains chest I saw sails and went the other way. Before I could turn in my pittance I was pursued by a galleon (I out meneuvered it) and a brigantine (got sunk by it). Because I was sunk and looted I made no progress towards my goal and the experience was not enjoyable for me. It actually messes with me pretty bad when someone is aggressive towards me without provocation and can take me a couple of days to get over. Wish it wasn’t that way but that’s just how it is for me.

    So that is my experience and feedback and here are some suggestions that I think would help me enjoy the game more.

    A pve only option. Something where I can just turn in a chest without having to worry and stress about being attacked, delayed, or sunk and have to start over. A non pvp option or an alliance only server would be awesome. The most fun I’ve had in SoT was when Skeleton Thrones first came out and we must have had the entire server in an alliance working together for these things. It was a blast! We all sailed together, picked up items along the way, sat in the thrones and turned stuff in for a profit and rep. Everybody won! Have it be an option though, and not a blanket thing because like I said before, sometimes it’s fun to “go full pirate” but that’s not my preferred play style.

    If the community doesn’t want to share then would someone make a game just like this one for us pve peoples? You could call it the “Pansy Pirate Party” and I wouldn’t care if I could just play in peace.

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    Excellent post, thank you for that, and for your military service.

    The idea of a "PVE only" server is probably a non-starter, far too many changes to the game would need to be made.

    I would be very surprised, however, if the developers do not eventually get around to some form of 'private' or rent-able servers, where one could pay to play by oneself, or invite friends and family. I have no problems with the game as it is, but I would certainly be one willing to pay for that opportunity now and then.

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    Look I'll try to make this simple.

    pve players are necessary so that there is some loot to steal. EVERYONE looking to just get gold or commendations via expensive treasure would always choose the pve server.

    Those who go to adventure in the hopes of actually being a pirate would only come across other players who think the same way and have no treasure to steal.

    Balance of the ocean would totally be ruined and the game would DIE.

    The ocean isn't safe, it's dangerous and thrilling. Watch the horizon or die...

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    @xxcaptmichaelxx while I really appreciate your condescending tone (sarcasm) your suggestion is silly. You don't need me to play your game the way you want to because I'm not playing. I don't think that there are very many people on now that continue to beat their heads against your cannons so you can have more loot. They are probably not playing. That's kind of a simple concept.

    Now if you are saying that you need pve players because you're lazy and don't want to go dig up the chests yourself then that's your issue and again I'm not your meal ticket. If all the pve players left (which I think most already have) then you might actually have to put up a fight with someone else that wants that seafarers chest.

    You fired first. Sorry the waters cold.

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    PvE servers would kill the game. End of story.

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    @xxcaptmichaelxx I disagree. The game is kind of dead to me now so having an option that I would actually play would bring me back as a player.

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    @xxcaptmichaelxx Just re-read my response to you from yesterday and though everything I said was exactly right it wasn't in a tone that I should have used. You also have to understand that when you say, "Look I'll try to make this simple." It's pretty insulting because it sounds like you think i'm stupid and you're going to lay some kind of euphoric wisdom on me that will change my life. Please talk to me like I'm an intelligent human being and maybe we can make some headway in this pvp/pve conversation.

    The whole point of my original post was to share my personal experience with the gameplay and it really boils down to whether I'm enjoying the game or not. I'm not. Because I'm not enjoying it the way it is I'm not playing it as often with months worth of gaps between sessions. If Rare would like to retain me as a consistent player or attempt to get more of my money in the future they are going to have to look at how to do that and I would like to see a pve only option in game.

    I'm glad that there are people out there that love the game as it is and are passionate enough to voice that in these threads. But please don't be insulting, and please understand that there is a significant portion of the community that is not satisfied with things as they are.

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    I agree.

    I'm a PvP and a PvE player. But since Tall Tales was released, I've been taking a break because the game is getting too exhausting for me.

    I have a lot to do in the moement and SoT is not relaxing for me.

    The funny thing is, I didn't even have anything lost to other Players.
    But I'm tired of being constantly ready for an attack.

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    @warrior576 said in Personal Feedback and Possible Suggestion.:

    You also have to understand that when you say, "Look I'll try to make this simple." It's pretty insulting because it sounds like you think i'm stupid and you're going to lay some kind of euphoric wisdom on me that will change my life.

    You're right, I apologise.

    I merely see far too many pve posts. They drive me crazy. When I see one it makes me think the author wishes the game to die.

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    I wouldn't play a PvE Mode but it just makes good business sense.

    Rare are missing out on a segment of the market. (Like it or not, PvE is in high demand) The bigger the player the base, the better SoT will be for everyone. Arena, Adventure and PvE would all profit in the long run from a larger player base. (i.e. Rare making more money)

    I've posted my arguments before. Never got much in the way of a logical reason not to develop a PvE Mode. In fact, the only rational objection was that it would take time/money/energy away from the other 2 Modes. But strictly from a business perspective I believe that it makes sense.