Feedback on Tall Tales

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    Hello Rare!

    I'm here to give you my feedback on Tall Tales, after completing them 5 times, with every commendation.

    • The Shroudbreaker
      This was nice and smooth for the first time, a bit boring farming it, but the variations was good.
    • The Cursed Rogue
      I'm not sure why the boss is a woman, but whatever at first I liked it, farming wasn't a pleasure. If you are playing it with more than 2 people (brig,galleon) there is something really wrong with the scaling off the boss. She gets a ton of HP, will write about boss scaling later in this feedback.
    • The Legendary Storyteller
      Liked it at the first run, farming was neutral. Journals are horrible.
    • Stars of a Thief
      Liked it at the first run, farming was a negative experience, it taken too much time.
    • Wild Rose
      Liked the idea behind that, but it was too out of context for me. Farming was very negative and long.
    • The Art of the Trickster
      Liked it at the first run, farming wasn't that bad after you master the traps at Sailors' Bounty. PvP is a huge pain in neck while farming this.
    • Fate of the Morningstar
      Liked it at the first, hoped Greymarrow will be much more baddass after seeing his ghost. Farming was not bad, and not too long, I actually enjoyed it.
    • The Revenge of the Morningstar
      I can't decide which tale I hated to farm at the most, this , or Shores of Gold. I think this. At the first, it was great, but disappointing. We was on a sloop, and we grabbed 3 gunpowder barrels. After starting the cutscene, you can easily locate where will Greymarrow spawn, so we put the barrels here, and exploded them after he spawned. He died in 10 sec after spawning. While we farmed it on a brig, it was a nightmare, and here is the point when I talk about the bad boss scaleing. When we was on a brig, Greymarrow survived 11 gunpowder barrels, and took a lot of shots and swings to die compared to the "sloop difficulty" it took only 3 barrels and 10 sec of fighting. Because of this, it was far too long and boring to farm.
    • Shores of Gold
      The other one what I really liked at the first, excluding the copy-paste boss fight, and the unpleasantly made "piles of gold" aka. retextured rocks in boss chamber. Farming was a nightmare, it took like 25-30m each run just to get from Morrow's Peak to Shores of Gold. The Kraken token needs to be run around the whole cursed island, five times. While you are in the trap phase, players can sink your ship, that's just dumb. If you are on a sloop, especially when you are doing it for the first time, and everyone wants to see what Shores of Gold hides. In the trap phase the respawns are totally broken if one us get throught a capstan the door closes, and the other one have to fight his way through alone, again. I don't want to believe this is inteded, to do it alone while you crew is ahead. The boss scaling is wrong here too, and the boss fight is disappointing, because it's a copy-paste of Briggsy and Greymarrow's moveset again. Nothing unique. The Pirate Lord dialog at the end is awkward, really awkward. It's about glory, not about treasure, what the hell? We're pirates for god's sake, it's obviusly about treasure and gold.

    Afterall, I liked the Tall Tales, and I don't liked farming them, especially the journals. It was a good lore expansion too, worth playing it. Your attempt to "bring players together to complete Tall Tales" are 100% failed, only met instant hostile players in all Tales we played (with an alliance offer flag on). The Tale rewards are "meh", some of them better, some of them not. I expected a bit more from the Gold Hoarder curse, it's just another layer of texture, not a mesh, disappointing. Most of them was bad at every replay because of the lack of variety. Yeah, We needed to go to other islands, but it was always the same. Get X, go to Y,repeat, just the islands changed. Also, there is just not enough gold in the Shores of Gold. It's just, Shores of Vaults and traps. There is only small piles of gold, I expected a few meter tall piles of golds when entering the boss chamber.

    So I liked them, but would never play them again.

    Best regards.