Arena: "Out of Bounds"

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    The "out of bounds", or "Devils Shroud"" that contains the arena should be far deadlier, or incur a point penalty for crossing it.

    I just had a team run from me, go far out of bounds, only to turn around and be able to escape while they mitigated the damage.

    They basically cheated with that tactic and won the match with fewer than 500 silver.

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    @xxcaptmichaelxx I agree with this post completely.

    I've recently seen this as well being used by other PL's (REAL PL's don't cut corners to win though....).

    In my game, the ship stayed in the red sea for over 2 minutes after acquiring enough points to sweep the board; making the boundaries of the whole arena experience seem misleading and exploitable.

    Point loss over time, more damage to the hull; just a few quick ideas. What sea dog runs and hides for a cowardly victory anyway?

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    I haven't done much arena... But, isn't that just like any other aspect of this game? Learn the weaknesses and take advantage them?

    If they are capable of being there, aren't you just as capable to go there and get them?

    Not sure I follow how this is "cheating"? Sounds like strategy to me.

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    @corvum-mortis I'm concerned that the questions you asked tie back to your initial entry into your point, which is "I haven't done much arena". To answer your questions...

    1. This is an aspect of the "adventure mode", which is fine for that game mode. You'll understand the more you play it.

    2. You actually are NOT as capable when the game is based in TIME. There is a set amount of time to achieve what you need to in order to win the round. Many facets tie into winning and losing; removing yourself from the area of play and preventing competition simply negates having a shroud in the first place and determines capability.

    3. Although rhetorically, I can agree it may not be cheating, it most certainly is exploitation of the mechanics that should NOT be in the game mode.

    Here's why.... If I get 4,500 points with 10 minutes left and realize that it would be impossible for any team to get chests up and turned in within that time, I could go sit in the red sea and patch holes and bucket without any punishment. Simply put, it exploits aspects of the game that seem to be at ends with the developers intentions.

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    @corvum-mortis Much more simply put, it sounds like the strategy of a coward in a game mode designed to pit players against each other. In that case, I'll take a loss if it means I keep my spine. ;)

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    Exactly, it's a silly cowardly strategy. If attempted it should be more detrimental. Loss of silver or higher holes would fix this.