Banking System

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    The one thing holding me back from really enjoying the sea of thieves experience is the lack of a banking, or storing system to store items between play sessions.

    I would love to see some sort of bank implemented at the taverns!

    This would be a place that you could stock up on materials and food, so the next time you play you can simply gather your supplies and go.

    Currently you need to mindlessly grind for an hour or so gathering materials, finding food and cooking it before each session.

    This banking system would allow us to hop on for an hour or two, fish for a while, cook it up, and finally store it in the bank to have food ready for my journey over the weekend.

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    What about grinders who would store 999 cannonballs, 999 wood, and 100 of each type of food?

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    @impuffypuppy The idea behind "wiping our resources" at the end of each session is so that every time we start a new session we're put on the same equal playing field as the next crew that loads into the server. Without this players could easily stockpile resources and have a large supply to fall back on should they sink. Fighting at a Skeleton Fort is already fustrating enough when a ship continuously returns each time you sink them. Imagine if you had to fight a very well stocked ship each time. It would be horrible!

    The current system creates a balance, a balance that shouldn't be changed in my opinion.