Exclusive Cosmetics rendered common

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    As it stands they keep re-releasing exclusive content in hopes of keeping people happy, but all they're doing is watering down pirates unique twists and combinations.

    Literally throw any gun into a 3d blender and you've got a new custom weapon to please the masses.

    Things that are over released:

    • Perfect Dark figurehead

    • Ebon flintlock

    • Spinal"store promo, mixer release"

    • 6 gear obsidian pack is now also
      watered down and inexclusive.

    What point is there in trying for unique looking cosmetics to have them handed out freely when some people have attended real life conventions or won contests for their items countered to watching 10 streams of arena.

    I don't want "Sea of Same" so could you be mindful of exclusive content and maintain their dignity to some degree, I understand the need for advertisement and deals but surely you can create newer content that would make more sense regarding the contestants, give aways, or even commendation unlocks.

    Even potentially recolouring these special offer cosmetics like you did with the mercenary set, Spinals headband becomes blue ect. Its not hard to preserve some form of exclusivity.

    I understand you said at the beginning all exclusives may be released again but I didn't think you meant numerous times.

    The abundance of third party sales via Ebay is kinda related to the watering down of the limited market simply to stop people overpricing and extorting money, which I respect.

    Potentially opting for codeless exclusives and/or account locked rewards should be considered.

    This is why I'm concerned for sea of thieves and I'm honestly surprised I'd had no official response despite how persistent I've been bringing this up.

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    I'd list the comparison between the re-release of the Blackdog set as the green Mercenary set however they changed the former cosmetic to be a child product of the original with familiar distinctions, thus creating a new exclusive set from an original which is where this idea comes from of potentially reskinning give away items or "publically released" figureheads such as the Perfect Dark figurehead in the future.

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    A new perspective from anonymous source listed that the mass release is too counter third party sales, which makes sense.

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    @john-doyle-new If it makes you feel any better, there are things they can never re-release. These cosmetics include:

    • Midnight Blunderbuss
    • Black Dog Pack
    • Onyx Four Pack
    • Ferryman Pack
      Those cosmetics can’t be re-released because they were advertised as something obtainable EXCLUSIVELY with the purchase of something (meaning that was the only way you will ever be able to get it).
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    This goes for time limited things too. I think they should release variations of sets that are partially in the full game so people can have items that match, but never the exact set.

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    I'm torn in my feelings on this one.

    As a player who left the game in 2018 and then came back this year (2019) I'm glad I have access to some of the re-released skins.

    As a player from other games that had exclusive skins I empathise with those that now feel like they don't have something as special as they once felt.


    Upset the past players or encourage the new, that's not an easy decision I guess?

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    I’ve said in numerous posts that cosmetics should never be exclusive or time limited. They should be earned through achievements or feats. Make the more elaborate cosmetics harder to get. So when you do see another pirate sporting it you know they did the same deeds you did and earned it. Not bought a packages of cookies...


    I bought four packages of cookies...

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    @john-doyle-new said in Exclusive Cosmetics rendered common:

    For us PL10's exclusive items are all we have, handing them to new players renders our experiences and actual participation in your game meaningless.

    Gotta be honest, this mindset will never make sense to me. I don't care about the exclusivity of an item, I only care about how it looks. At the moment, my entire look is non-exclusive, yet unique. If there's an exclusive item that I want, I'll do what it takes to get ahold of it, but only because I want it, not because it's exclusive. I play the game for the experience it provides, not for some in game items that can be unlocked. I haven't even bothered buying any of the ghost set and I've been a legend for a year this month.

    People won't leave because Rare have chosen to re-release some exclusive items, that's ridiculous. That's just an excuse they'll use when they've lost interest in the game because for whatever reason, people find it difficult to admit that sometimes they just lose interest in something in which they've invested a lot of time.

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    @drbullhammer I originally made this forum without seeing the full spectrum as to why they wish to give out these codes like hot cakes is to stop all the third party/black market sales of codes for 100s+which I honestly do respect.