{FEEDBACK} Arena Impressions ("complaints")

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    So I've played a couple matches in the arena and it is really fun. However, I've got two major points of feedback (i.e. "complaints") about the mode.

    Feedback Point 1: I hate trying to sail a galleon by myself. It has not happened the majority of the games I have played, but when it does, it is immensely frustrating. As someone who only has a limited amount of time to play and no friends to play with, I do not want to spend half (if not any) of my time hopping between lobbies looking for a four man crew. A better match-making system could help, but I would also suggest that if too many players leave the game at the start (lets say, within five minutes), then the game would consolidate the remaining players into evenly distributed groups (without breaking up private parties).
    P.s. I used to use Discord for LFG, but now with less play time, I can't spend the ~1 hour it takes to find a full crew and get everyone joined together while dealing with how stupid the Win10 Xbox app is.

    Feedback Point 2: I hate getting spawn killed. It has happened way more times than is enjoyable. I would be waiting on a black screen for ~30 seconds, an then - before I even got the chance to tell where I was on the boat - I would be killed. Maybe we should get a couple seconds of invulnerability after respawning, or at least get a chance to rotate the camera a bit before other players know where we are.
    P.s. I have my game installed on a SSD, so I don't think that that is the problem.

    Conclusion: This Game mode and it's core gameplay loop is really good, it just has two major problems that can ruin the fun.

    Thanks for all your hard work Rare :)