Game Suggestions (more detail)

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    A new faction called the Imperial Faction should be added. To go along with this a new set of cosmetics should be added called the commodore set (kinda like a British red coat). The person at the island will then tell you to hunt a pirate ship in a certain area or to go build a fort on a certain island.

    For 100,00 coins you can purchase an island and make your own faction. For 30,000 coins cosmetics can be made for your faction. In order to make money you could sell cosmetics and supplies, such as wood cannon bales bananas etc. the faction would last forever and when you spawn into the game, you spawn at you island fort. In order to build you faction you could invite friends to join it and establish ranks

    1. A new weapon called a Musket with a bayonet should be added, it would be an eye of reach with out a scope, and instead would have a bayonet. This would allow for gun fire and melle

    2. A new ship called the 3rd Rate. Since Sea of Theives does have its limitations (you can’t have a ship with 50 guns on each side), a 3rd rate or man o War would have cannons on two decks and be 3 decks tall. It would be pretty much a galleon but reskined, tuffer, slower, and with more guns. This ship can accommodate 6-12 people.