New Suggestion :Food Buffs

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    I am absolutely amazed at the anniversary update! Rare has done such a good job in adding fun new content to the game, and I hope that continues. After cooking and fishing for a while, I have just one thing that I want to suggest. Cooking and finding ingredients can take a while, so why not make things interesting by giving certain food items buffs?

    For example,

    1. shark meat can give a 20% speed boost when swimming for X amount of seconds
    2. Golden Chickens give you Slow falling(no fall damage) for X amount of seconds
    3. Kraken Meat lets you breath underwater for 1 minute
    4. Golden Pig meat overheals your health bar by X percent for X seconds

    These are just a few examples of certain things that can be added to make cooking more interesting and rewarding. While the examples I have given above may be too OP or not feasible, these are just some early suggestions/ Ideas that can be changed and balanced by the developers

    Buffs from food is a mechanic that is seen in many different types of games, ranging from MMO games like world of warcraft to indie games such as Stardew valley

    P.S I don't know if there is a chef outfit but if not please make one that would be amazing

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    Cooked meat already provides health regen. There's the food buff.

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    @alpacajamu i disagree with everything but the chef outfit.

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    @xxcaptmichaelxx I’m not gonna lie I actually didn’t notice that. My bad

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    @rattlyfob you obviously have a lot more experience with the game than I do, as I just started. May I ask why these types of buffs won’t work in this game? It’s present in a lot of other ones

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    @alpacajamu the fundamental premise of the game is equal equipment. If players can earn an unfair advantage simply by being on the server longer than others based on time spent hunting rare ingredients then the likelyhood of established players destroying newer players increases and the gap widens.

    Any buffs provided by food would need to provide no active combat bonus for them to easily be incorporated into the game

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    No because of balance and make Session time not a factor in pvp.
    Players who play hardcore get plenty of boosts over others who just joined the server and become op.
    It's a PvPvE sandbox and therefore need to have no vertical progression and no such powerfull benefits from prolonged sessions.

    Edit: but add the Chef Outfit for sure :-)