PvE/PvP Combat

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    I’m sure many other players can relate to this, but I have noticed time and time again that combat in SoT needs some serious changes. It’s good, but can be a lot better.

    Firstly, PvE. Skeletons with guns are too difficult to deal with. They have God tier accuracy, 99 out of a 100 times getting a shot to hit you, even when you are jumping all over the place, and since the recent changes to reload speed, they have ridiculous reload speed too. When I’m trying to complete an order of souls quest, I quite regularly come across a wave of gold skeletons on a large island with at least 2 sniper skeletons on their team. This is impossible to deal with, as when I’ve got my bucket full of water ready, I attempt to go near them to be killed before I can even take out my blunderbuss because of the weapon animation. Waiting for a storm to rust them isn’t an option as it will take hours to move there in some cases, and trying to take them to the ocean won’t work either as the sniper skeletons don’t move as they don’t need to. Either decrease skeleton accuracy with guns or make them do less damage. In regards to skeletons on cannons, I have no issues with that, that bit’s nailed👌.

    Lastly, PvP. Main issue, gun animation. I understand why it was implemented, to stop double gunning. And I was happy when it was first introduced. Emphasis on WAS. It didn’t stop double gunning for a start. It only made it half a second slower. I still see people regularly double gunning in SoT, and it irritates me beyond belief. Mainly because the only people it largely effects are people using swords! People who double gun can just shoot one bullet from their sniper then one from pistol, the other player is dead. But when someone’s using a sword, it’s on gunshot and at least 3 or 4 sword swipes. When switching back to a gun in the heat of the fight totally ruins the flow, as it only about half a second, but it stops the flow of using the sword after. It messes you up. By the time I’ve got my Blunderbuss back out after 3 sword slashes, the other player already has his second gun out and kills me instantly. It’s an unfair advantage. I don’t see why people using cutlasses were even effected in the first place, as the animation was to stop double gunning, not intended PvP gameplay. I would really like to see this animation removed if you are using a cutlass as one of your weapons. It would improve gameplay immensely. It would actually fulfil it’s intended purpose of discouraging double gunning and promoting skill based gameplay.

    I hope that this post will be seen and either acted upon or responded to giving reasons for and against these changes.

    Pirate Legend Athena’s 8