Improve your Loading and Respawn times with a SSD!

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    I purchased a SSD (cost total of $40) and tried it out on an original Xbox One, and an Xbox One S.

    See the results here:

    The Xbox One SSD initial load in being 2 seconds faster than the S may be due to human delay in exiting intro movie and selecting the game mode. They most likely are identical just like the respawning time.
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    4 day old post, but I will add that yes this is true. Not a game issue, but an xbox issue. Microsoft really cheaped out on the original xbox one and S harddrives. Getting an SSD for those systems will make any game uou own for said xbox run faster and have better load times.

    Also if you didn't know, turning off your record capabilities in settings gives your xbox about 20% better performance. Don't know about the xbox one x but the older systems dedicate about 20% of its RAM constantly recording everything in real time so you can "xbox record that" at any moment in any game. If you must have them dank clips of course keep it on but turning it off does improve performance

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    I just got an SSD for my Xbox One X and am disappointed that the video doesn't show how that compares to the rest... 😢

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    =( only got the two xboxes, one day maybe an X!

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    Will there separate servers for "XBox + Controller" players coming, will there now be a call for separate servers for those poor, disadvantaged players with "XBox + Controller, but no SSD"?

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    @dyfrin How did you so precisely eliminate human error during the recording starts and stops? Maybe I can recreate the same test for the XB1 X?

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    Certainly can!

    Fresh restart of xbox, sign in, and get capture ready.
    I started them on the first frame of the game when it got full screen and then hit b repeatedly until intro was gone, selected game mode, and then held the controller forward once it was loading into the game again and when I saw the first frame move, I backed it one frame.
    For respawn from ferry it was the frame when the last tick of white health(it turns white when losing life) disappeared, up to the frame when movement was possible.

    It isn't completely precise though, due to human input in the menu, but was as quick as could be to select the exact same mode, sloop closed crew.
    I would say there may be 1-3 seconds of variation from cancelling the intro through picking the mode. Outside of running a macro which I wasn't going to do, we will have to live with that little variance, but it is kind of insignificant when the difference is in the minutes.