Daily Challenges - Let's Create a List of our Own!

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    Having taken part in The Grand Odyssey yesterday @SirioNDB organised by Fortune Fleet, I thought it'd be a great idea for those who didn't get the chance to perhaps use some of the riddles as a daily challenge for fun on the Sea of Thieves and knowing what an imaginative Community we have, perhaps we can come up with a list of more ideas?

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    And bonus points are due, for those that make a rhyming couplet or two...

    Love the riddles created by Fortune in yesterdays event... very creative, but I would like to see this become a more regular community type event!

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    Haha! Okay, let's go with this first one:

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    alt text

    Me favourite of this baker's dozen;
    Requires no need for blunderbussin!


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    I wish we had something like this every few months at least! Soooo cleverly done.

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    The original #12 had a more biblical theme, but was scrapped due to merchant voyage issues. Time was short so I just subbed out acro-Booms for critters.

    One of each, transport four. As Noah did in times of yore.
    Twenty-four legs, twelve tails, feathers share the least.
    Through turbulent seas and the Tempest's core.
    Hasten on, lest lightening cooks this feast

    Transport 12 animals (1 of each color) on open deck, through a storm.

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    Sanctuary can be found in heavens high
    Take yer crewmates and help them fly
    Let them soar through graceful sky

    Video or screenshot of the crew after cannon shooting above Sanctuary Outpost

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    Interesting challenges, I have to try them when I have some free time.

    Thanks for posting them @KattTruewalker !

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    Send yerself flyin' from the crow's nest, after ye land a band ye play as best 3 is a trio there be no doubt then take ye ten paces and shuffle about.

    (Jump from the crow's nest and then play instruments with your crew as a trio. Dance after you're done.)