Currupt files, store install issues - I'm out of options troubleshooting getting the game to work again -

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    I've bought this game for many friends and near everyone I know has had issues with the microsoft store (Rare, your dealing with the devil by staying with microsoft I'm sure you realize) There doesn't seem to be a place to ask for technical help on these forums, so please move this, and Mods PLEASE inform Rare Directly as this will get lost in the hundreds of bug submissions and is a major issue that needs to be taken up with Microsoft directly.

    Been playing for months with girlfriend, go to play tonight and get the “There is a missing or corrupt data file that is required for the game to run.” Go down the list of troubleshooting on the SoT support page

    I've ruled out all other issues. Seems to be the "Store install issues" or one not listed for this error.

    Well, I've uninstalled the game numerous ways, numerous times and come to discover every time I re-install the game through the store it's just restoring the files from somewhere on the computer (NOT downloading) So it just restores the corrupt files back. I cannot figure out how to get the windows store to download a fresh copy of SoT wich im certain will fix this issue. I've spent hours troubleshooting this and troubleshooting is my job. I am completely out of options, so im grasping at straws to try and get this fixed. I've spent hundreds of dollars buying this game for friends and near that in hours troubleshooting this game just to play it. PLEASE RARE, do I have to wipe and reinstall window just to play sot?

    I'll just be here refreshing this page, I would really love to play with gf and friends on the 30th.

    Perhaps someone could tell me where this file is and I could just replace the pak?

    Missing file: /Game/Animation/MarketingPoses/Wardobe/pose_wardrobe1, Referencer: /Game/Maps/Frontend/sharedassets/sot_frontend_01_a_IPGLineUp

    img of full error:

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    @aetherbones They said that's a rare issue. Did you try all the other options?

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    @lonegoatknifer I did.